Not on my watch!

Yeldarb and the group get the heck out of the room and begin making their way down a corridor.

"How in the bloody smeg did that thing get on the ship?" Yeldarb spoke as he started trying to find doors to run into and hide from the hideous giant worm.

"Perfectly good New Years party, ruined by a giant worm with sharp teeth. I hadn't even tested out my smegging punch yet..."

Gerbil stopped in shock, standing between Doctor Black and his new friend, despite not yet knowing the man's name. He ran a hand over his face, rubbed his eyes, and continued the hand up and over his curls. Finally, he nodded as he processed the giant space worm entering the corridor.

"Right. Anyone got a space grouper what needs catching?" He snarked, then shook himself. Politeness was the key . . . wasn't it? Never had he been in such a situation, and no one had instructed him in the proper etiquette for meeting a giant space worm about to devour oneself and one's new friends.

Reaching into his jacket, he pulled out his portable datapad with the detachable laser marker - - the one he could use to point out exactly which hazards needed tending. He pointed it directly into the space worm's mouth, aiming at one of the larger teeth . . . or the base of the tooth. Hitting a couple of buttons on the laser pointer, he flipped the switch, sending a hot, intense laser beam into the mouth. A high screech filled the air and the smell of burning flesh and grinding tooth surrounded them, echoing down the corridor and back towards the not-so-much-a-party-anymore.

He growled out, "I just got my first really cool assignment from a fellow officer and you come in to muck it up, you mangy over-sized pecker!"

In reaction the space worm reared back then smashed it's massive head sideways and carroumed down a different corridor, ripping open doors from their housings.

Gerbil flipped the laser pointer off and began looking around the hall as if nothing out of the ordinary had occurred, or still occurred. "Now to find those med supplies. Really, this ship needs more first aid ports in the halls." Suddenly, he blinked and looked at the other two. "Oh, uh, Lieutenant Oouga, Health and Safety Officer. But everyone calls me . . . uh . . . Gerbil." The last word was said with some resignation.

<<Now what can come at them, LOL.>>


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