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Summary: Inter-dimensional Travelling Merchant, or so he says


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Gender: Male

Age: 51

Group: Civillians & Other



Or a close approximation, at least.


Inter-dimensional Travelling Merchant


Physical Appearance

Often described as 'a bit homeless', Murdock is tall and thin, an unshaven beard hanging from his gaunt face and hair falling to his shoulders. Clad in old and worn clothes that give a slight smell of stale sweet and old perfume, he is far from the most appealing person in the universe. A long tattered jacket reaches down to his muddy boots, and fingerless gloves dress his sinewy hands.

Often he carries his bag strapped to his back. It contains all his wares and sundries for sale.

Personality and Interests

Sharp and keen with a mind for business, Murdock take opportunists as they come, often without thinking for anyone other than that of his pet jerboa, Jeb.

He cares little for his appearance, relying on his abilities as a salesman to make every customer leave with at least one item, even if they are occasionally at gun point.

Murdock collects, either for his personal trove of junk or for a place on the shelves of his neck stall. And collect is merely a fancy term for steal. Because if they are going to miss something then they are at least going to want to pay to get it back.

But conflict is often not his strong suit, preferring to run away from anything larger than himself. Or carrying a gun.


Murdock met Jeb while travelling through the pathways between dimensions during one of his first ventures into the greater polyverse. It was a chance meeting, as the pathways are long and infinite and jerboas, like humans, are very small. And ever since then, the seemingly never ageing Jeb has sat on Murdock's shoulder.

The life of the merchant has always called to Murdock, and setting out to bring goods from far flung corners of the worlds to the humble Joe Bloggs was a goal that appealed to a young man that grew up in an isolated community. And also because there is often a great deal of money to be made.

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Image of Murdock
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