Doors are overrated.

"And why the hell are there no exits? How the smeg do they get these smegging disgusting, germ-filled, bacterium-ladened, maggot-enticing remains of poor human explorers into the sealed room to begin with? And why? Can anyone answer me that? Why would they do something this insane?"

Joribel ended with taking a deep, sobbing breath, then covering his face with his hands and heaving, wondering if it were possible for a hard-light hologram to actually vomit, knowing it wasn't, but sort-of wishing he could anyway. If any time called for a good barf-session, this was it.

"It doesn't really matter." Jamie said, crawling out of the starbug. It had taken him longer since he'd been at the back of the ship, with the engines. "I'd appreciate a warning next time you decide to ram something, Jay. Don't forget, I don't have any windows in the engine room."

"Sorry. It was a spur of the moment plan." Jay responded.

"Yeah yeah, that's what they all say." He muttered and walked past everyone with his toolkit in hand.

Joribel's hologrammatic form wretched as he saw Jamie's boots squish into the bloody gloop.

"How can you just walk through that so calmly?" Jade asked.

"because if I run, I'll slip over. This stuff is all over the place. There's no way across the room without stepping in something." Jamie replied with a shrug. He reached the other side of the room and put his toolkit down on a mostly clear table.

"Give me a few minutes and I'll have a way out of here." He said, pulling a plasma-cutter out of the kit, and setting to work cutting a new door.

A few minutes into the job, and a swoosh sound coincided with a vent in the ceiling opening up, and a new set of internal organs fell down into the room, and sprayed some gore for a few feet around.

"Well," Said Jay. "We know how all this stuff got into this room now."

"But we're still no closer to knowing what they do with it all." Cass said, and called over to Jamie "How long?"

"Should have us through in another minute." He said, "I reckon all this stuff is just waste. They probably dump it somewhere when it's full." He said, tactfully ignoring the furniture made of bones. "more likely," he muttered under his breath so no one could hear him from across the room. "they sell it to someone." The sound of the plasma cutter would also have done a good job of masking his voice for the last comment.

He turned the plasma torch off after the minute he'd stated. "It might not be a big door, but it works." he said, and kicked in the panel he'd cut free. On the other side was a corridor. The smell wasn't much better, but at least out here there weren't any body parts littering the floor, beyond what they carried through on their feet.

He looked back inside the room.

"You guys coming, or do you want me to carry you across? This stuff ain't gonna salvage itself. I can already see an air reclamation unit going begging." He said, and looked out into the corridor again.

"Oh, and I found the door." he said. A button on his side of the corridor forced a part of blood-soaked wall to slide across, peeling the gore from it as it slid into a recess. There appeared to be no one in the alien ship - at least, not yet.

<Tag. We're out. Would they have all boarded the 'Dwarf?>

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