"Sign me up captain"

Jay said as he entered Ferrington-Blondes office.

"You seem very keen, considering." she said without looking up.

"I'm bored" Jay replied "I need SOMETHING to do. Hard to get used to routine security patrols after six centuries of pretty much constant action, and since you won't let me fly...

"What was that?"

"You won't let me fly..."

"With good reason...the bit about six centuries..."

"Oh...I meant six hours. Back on the alien ship..."

"See, Mr...Chrysman....is it?"


"I've seen your service record. You're a pathetic excuse for an officer. Frankly, if the situation were different, I'd not trust you collect glasses in parrotts, let alone be a member of my crew...you're incompetent, lazy, lacking confidence...it goes against every fibre of my being to consider allowing you to take part in such a dangerous mission where peoples lives will be depending on you..."

"Glad I've made an impression"

The captain continued "However....I have been hearing good things about you over the last few weeks. Your superiors are telling me you're like a different person. If I let you take part in this mission, you'd better not let me down..."

"Come on" Jay smirked "How hard can it be?"

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