All the flowers of the Mountain

"Why wouldn't I sign up for a trip into the Arboretum?" Jamie asked, stood near to the Ashley, the new Captain after Bruno's fall from power.

Ashley looked at him incredulously. "a Trip?" She asked, pronouncing the capital as if someone had honestly just told her they saw a Unicorn. "You do know what is out there, right? I can't honestly let you volunteer for this mission thinking it's a trip." She said, mentally appending 'Though people this stupid are exactly what we need for these missions.'

"It's an arboretum. I read the reports. There's a big pink tree that became guardian of the place, wants everyone out, and there's various larger-than-life versions of normal creatures. It's a great place to collect medical supplies, and food." Jamie replied, speaking as if it was going to be like a stroll out into Hyde Park, London.

with a sigh, Ashley put her hand up to her face, and rubbed her temple. "Yeah, whatever. You're in.", and again a mental appendment to follow 'you'll be the distraction, no doubt.'

There's a list of things we need. Most of them are fairly easy to get to - the farmland was close to the entrances, so that can be a rush in-out job. Things like Onions, St. John's Wort, Camomile..." she rolled her hand in an 'and so on' fashion. "But there are two here that we know will be harder. The first, is Honey... and the other is Mountain Daisies."

"I can understand the Honey being harder... have to find a nest. but how hard could Daisies be?" Jamie asked.

"Not just Daisies. Mountain Daisies." Ashley clarified. She pointed at a map of the Arboretum.

"Okay? Still not seeing the problem." Jamie said, looking over the map. It was no different to the one he'd seen earlier.

"That's a two-hundred feet tall sheer cliff to get to them. The atmosphere is artificially thinned to make the habitat for them." She clarified.

Jamie looked at her expectantly, waiting for her to give a reason it was going to be difficult. In his previous life that most on this ship didn't know about, he had built a house on top of a rather high hill back on Fernandos, and had lived there with no problem. That past life was the entire reason he was here now. He was almost shivering with anticipation at going to an environment at least similar to the one he had lived in for so long.

Another sigh, accompanied this time with a shake of her head. "We still need to wait for other volunteers. I didn't expect anyone to get here within five minutes of the request going out."

<tag. Anyone else going to sign up?>

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