*Action* - Supplies

Tara stared at the flashing alert on her console and massaged her temples. It never came at a good time, but this was beyond taking the smeg. The medicinal supplies were supplemented with homeopathic and herbal remedies that were tried and tested to work. In most cases a sore throat could be soothed with honey and lemon and the anti-biotics saved for the guy with the festering, infected wound. A headache could be cured with a herbal sedative, a good night’s sleep in a dark room, the NSAID’s saved for the guy with the fractured scapula. That meant that occasionally they needed to send forays into the arboretum. No one went to that deck anymore unless that had to, foraging for supplies. No one went there because the entire place had been taken over by the Big Pink Tree. The sentient tree that had grown out of an accident with a hallucinogenic virus caught on a planet a few years back that spread amongst the crew like wild fire. The Tree escaped to the arboretum and had proven immune to the antidote that had got rid of all the other hallucinogens. It wasn’t contagious, and for a long time it was benevolent. Then it caught a few of the farming team pulling up the produce and felling trees for more farm land in a crop rotation cycle. It went mad. The farmers died and since then it became far more dangerous to go up to that deck.

The alert registered that the herbal medicinal supplies were at critically low levels. It was time to assemble a team to go on a foray into the wilds. She sighed and called up the Captain on the comms.

“Captain. The supplies are low again. We need to assemble a team and raid the arboretum for supplies.” She kept her face poker straight as Ashley replied.

“Ok. What’s the damage this time. Forward the report to me and I’ll ask for a volunteer team.” Ashley looked as grim as Tara felt at the news. Tara grimaced as she read the summary of the report.

“I... I’m sorry… This time it’s really bad. We need honey amongst the other things.” Tara’s poker face broke and a flicker of remorse crossed it briefly. Ashley swore.

“Fine. Ok. I’ll ask for volunteers and then we’ll tell them what’s required. Hopefully someone will be stupid enough to sign up. I’d hate to draft someone into that job.” Her face fell, a rare moment of guard being dropped revealing the pressures of Captaincy.

Shortly after they concluded their comms discussion and Ashley had read the full report. The ship wide comms systems pinged into life, the annoyingly chirpy ‘bing-bong’ of Holly’s voice procuring the announcement.

“Bing-Bong. Attention all crew: Signups are being taken for a foray into the arboretum. Standard additional benefits will apply along with additional rare rations and leisure time. Bing-bong.”


OOC - Feel free to sign up and get started looking for herbal supplies. We at least know we need honey but what else is there and what dangers await?

There doesn't just have to be one team. Maybe a rival team signs up too and we have to compete for the rewards?

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