Yeah... We're what now?!?

Where: Someplace not on the Blue Dwarf, that is for certain.
When: Maybe it's right now, or maybe it happened a while ago.
Who: Hey, am I the Robin Williams genie? Just read, MMMkay?

At first she knew something was wrong. Or maybe it was more like she 'felt' something was wrong. At the moment, she couldn't tell which it was and was rather puzzled by that. She tried again and could make out nothing. She tried concentrated a little harder. She began to make out shapes - Some were dark & some were bright. She felt the sensation of being warm next, then she thought she heard some pulsing. Or maybe she felt the pulsing. She couldn't tell.

For a moment, she debated about whether she was feeling her own pulse. But with a sudden flash of recall, she had a memory of something about her being a Synthetic Human Roo SemblenceBot Hybrid. Or was that something someone had told her before? The more she thought about it, the more she realized her recall about it was vague, almost like partially formed fog. Kind of like the dark and light shapes she was still trying to make out. Then she thought she heard a faint voice. It coincided with a dark shape drifting by, "Crud. Long term memory seems to be out to lunch. Hmm, maybe it can be rebuilt with more stuff from the vending machines... I really could use a spudger right now." sighed the voice which slowly faded away into blackness as she seemed to fall asleep.

And seemingly the next moment, it felt like someone tapped her tummy. She opened her eyes and blinked at the bright white light that seemed all around her. Her eyes slowly came into focus, and she realized she was lying on the floor facing to her left, where she could now see a multitude of slick looking blue plastic chairs and white plastic tables lined up in front of wall of vending machines nearby a seemingly endless hallway with a series of doors marked with seven digit numbers, interspersed at regular intervals with more vending machines, tables and chairs. She heard a soft clatter and turned her head to the right to look for the sound. She glimpsed a huge furry shape. It took her a moment to realize that it apparently had it's head bowed over into her tummy and appeared to be rummaging around. Then something metal came flying out of her midsection and made another soft clatter as it skittered across the floor as a furred paw also come out and discarded it while a voice muttered "Incompatible piece of junk, I need to find..."

That furry head suddenly stopped, came out, looked her in the eyes. Then the very familiar face said with excitement, "Hey! You're awake Candy! I thought I'd lost you when all those dimensions started collapsing on us. I barely had time to use the Apad to make us an emergency exit trapdoor into The Gap."

As the furry familiar face said those words, She had several sudden flashes of memories come flooding back and she tried to shake her head to clear it, but she started to black out from the effort. It was then she heard a bunch of beeps rapidly getting faster, almost like heart monitor.

"Whoa, Whoa, Whoa! Slow down - I haven't got all your memory systems back up and running yet." Cautioned the familiar furry face, "Let's just start with the basics first. Do you know who you are?"

"You just said I was Candy."

"Oh, right. But can you remember your full name?"

"It's Candy... No. It's Candice... ", she paused as she mentally groped around for a moment while dozens of scenes of people talking to her suddenly came leaping into her minds eye as she tried to come up with the answer to that simple sounding question, "Candice... KANE!"

"Good, now do you remember who I am?" Asked the furry face while wiggling it's very long whiskers with something that looked like a smile.

This time, it took a lot longer for her to sort through the several flashes of memories of the familiar face that came flittering through her mind.

"AhhhUm... You're a giant hamster..." It was almost like she was watching an action movie on fast forward and trying to pause on the right moments, "No... You're not just a hamster, you're kind of like me... You are a Roo, right?"

"No, Not quite. But very close." That gave her pause. She reviewed her mental cinema again, and started slowing to bits where she noticed several new things she didn't notice before. And then, she knew.

"You're White Wolf!" she exclaimed with sudden elation.

"Exactly." Replied the huge space hamster, "Do you know where we are?"

She propped herself up and looked around while trying to place it by rapidly running through the multiple images coming to her mind, and she started to feel like she was going to black out again as rapid beep like a heart monitor started again.

He reached out a paw, patted her shoulder, gently easing her back down to the floor, while soothingly saying, "Okay, never mind that. You just close your eye and rest, while I go raid another vending machine for spare parts."

At first, she wanted to disagree. But then she felt like going back to sleep. So she slowly closed her eyes and drifted off.


OCC - Yes, I know this is a short post for me. But I intend to provide some more posts explaining where the 6' 1" Space Hamster & Candy are and several other things. And hopefully, you enjoyed this (sort of re-introduction) post their return.
Thank you,
- White Wolf

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