It's Great To Be Needed

Joss's, or rather Tanaka's, fighter exited the landing deck with an extra boost. Talon was happy he was free and flying again, despite his orders. His shipmates needed him and he responded with a zealous duty.

Immediately an a huge rock drifted toward him, threatening a head on collision. Joss fired, propulsing throught the center of the explosion.

He made a hard turn, now running the fighter along the side of the Dwarf. Firing at will, rocks turned to dust. Joss made another hard turn to circle back and attack another line headed for the hull.

"Anyone run a magnetic scan?" Joss asked, beginning to fire. "They seem to be leaving their normal path, being attracted to the hull." Another explosion and close call. Talon added more boost to get through it. "I'm not a scientist, but something unusual is happening out here!"

He had just finished another pass, but more were coming. "We need more support out here!"

Another hard turn and another pass. Others were doing their best, but sometimes even your best didn't seem enough. This was one such occasion. Joss didn't want to fail. Somewhere...out there, he sensed his father's presence and Joss wanted to do him proud.

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