Karma Karma Chameleon

"But, I'm needed out here," he objected.

Talon fired a few shots. Another meteor detonated before him.
"Joss! That's a direct order! Return to the landing bay before we have to tow your broken ass back in!"

Joss shook his head in disbelief, he hadn't been out for barely a half-hour and already he was being called back in. An alarm sounded from the controls. A severe fuel leak. Damn. Reluctantly, Joss turned his fighter around and headed back to the Dwarf.

Though not before shooting down a few stray meteors on the way.


"Tanaka? Tanaka!" Jason snapped out of his brief nap in the galley. "Get off your bum, you're taking Joss's place in the defense net."

Jason rolled his eyes but got out of his seat and headed for the landing bay. When he arrived he spied Joss's fighter, with a somewhat annoyed Joss standing next to it.

"What's that make now, Maverick? The fifth ship you've crashed this month?" Jason playfully chided.

"At least I didn't die." Joss retorted.

"I didn't die in a crash," Jason said.

"Suuurrreee," Joss grinned. "So when are you gonna tell me how you died?"

"When you grow up," Jason smirked. He wandered over to another fighter and started up the ladder. "You know, because of you I got woken up from a very nice dream. Fruity cocktails, sandy beaches, and a young Jenny Agutter in a coconut bra."

"Not my fault! This asteroid came out of nowhere, it didn't even trip the collision alarm!"

Jason stopped climbing and frowned, "Really? Weird. Did you run a diagnostic?"

"Proximity sensors are working," Joss told him. "It doesn't make any sense."

"Well, maybe it was just a run of bad..." suddenly Jason's figure disappeared from the ladder. There was a loud metallic *PLINK* and Joss spied a light bee lying on the floor.

"...luck..." a high pitched voice emanated from the light bee.

"You alright, Tanaka?" Joss asked.

"Do I bloody look alright???" the munchkin voice said with furious rage.

Joss chuckled, "What is this? Some sort of prank?"

"Did you do something to me?" Jason asked.

Joss shook his head, "No, I mean are you up to something?"

"You didn't do this?"

"No, why? Can't you... come back?"

"I can't! Something's wrong with my light bee!"

Joss began to laugh, "Oh man. Guess you can't fly today, champ."

"Would you please, for the love of everything good and holy... HELP ME!"

Joss chuckled as he picked Jason up, "Alright, alright, don't blow a circuit!" He picked up the light bee and placed it in the front chest pocket of his flight suit. "There, all comfy?"

"This is embarrassing... could you please get me to the science deck so someone can look me over?"

"You got it, buddy," Joss started walking when Holly chimed in over the intercom.

"Emergency, emergency, we've got incoming meteors. All staff members prepare for any impacts."

Joss stopped and turned towards the fighter Jason was about to enter.

"Hey. Hey!" Jason exclaimed. "Don't you think about it, I've seen you fly!"

"Sorry, Tanaka," Joss raced over and entered the fighter, "The ship needs us."

"No, no, no, no. Joss? Joss? Don't you smegging do it, Joss. You've got to help me, remember? Joss? Joss!"

The fighter lifted off and shot down the landing bay.


Figured I'd provide our new pilot with an opportunity to show off his stuff properly. This time with a very annoyed co-pilot. And again, welcome to the game Robert!

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