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Summary: Joss understood the ever present opinion of his father drove him to extreme flying.

Talon Joss

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Gender: M

Age: 24

Group: Navigation Dept & Pilots




Fighter Pilot

Physical Appearance

6' 170 pounds, well toned physique, wavy brown hair, brilliant green eyes.

Personality and Interests

Stays fit by a rigorous fitness routine.

Enjoys reading about and flying historical flying machines.

Down to earth man that gets an adrenaline rush from flying.


Talon Joss had been interested in flying since he was a young sprout. He began reading about all models off flying machines, from modern to historical, large to small. He knew without a doubt that he would be a fighter pilot and set his sights at achieving his dream.

The dream came at a cost, as his trainer (his father) succumbed to a training accident that Talon often attributed the blame to himself. Ever since then, he felt he has had to prove himself to his late father, Colonel Dewy Joss. Because of this, Talon often takes risks that may or not be needed.

Favourite Sayings

Let's kick us some ass!

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Image of Talon Joss
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