This Is Why You Always Update Your Software

'Don't get too comfortable,' warned Cass, 'It might be back any minute. And we need to find a lab and analyse this thing.'

'You're welcome,' said Thomas, his face and clothes spattered in blueish blood.

'You can carry it.'

"Tanaka!" Cass looked over to the hologram. "I plugged you into this place's mainframe. Tell me you can help!"

"I don't know! What the heck do we need?" he exclaimed.

"Is there a lab we can get to so we can scan this tentacle thing?" Cass asked.

"Why are you asking me I..." Tanaka's image flickered and he froze in place. Then, in a monotone voice he said: "Lab 9 is this way." Tanaka began to walk, robotically, down the hall. He flickered again, and Tanaka turned his head to Cass while the rest of his body continued to stiffly saunter. "I. Hate. You." Tanaka glowered.

Cass just shot him a cheeky grin.

Everybody followed Tanaka to Lab 9. The lab was full of strange alien looking technology. Thomas plopped the tentacle onto a nearby table and flicked the slime and blood from his hands.

"So what do we do next?" Talon asked.

"I have no clue, none of this technology is making any sense to me." Jamie said.

"This looks like medical equipment," Jade said.

"Oh, sod it." She turned to Tanaka and grinned at him devilishly.

"Oh no," Tanaka groaned. "Please no."


"Oh I see... Abuse the dead man." Tanaka sighed and nodded. "Fine, do it."

"Please run a scan of the tentacle for us," Cass said. Sounding a little too happy when she did so.

Tanaka shuddered and flickered. His face twisted, looking like Talon had just stripped back down again, and then went stiff as a board. He went over to a tray and grabbed a weird, knobbly looking thing with what looked like an umbilical cord running down the floor and to a large machine in the center of the lab. He began to wave it over the tentacle.

"Scanning..." Tanaka droned. There was a squelchy burp from the machine. "Scanning complete. Displaying results." Tanaka began to list off various details ranging from the salinity and water content of the tentacle. Most of it didn't even make sense.

"Yeah, this helps us how?" Talon asked.

"Shut it!" Jade said, "I'm listening..."

OOC: So what did the scans reveal?

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