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Summary: Gardener

Thomas Plisken

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Gender: Men

Age: 54

Group: Civillians & Other


Genetically Bred Human-Cyborg. Well, not bred to be a Human-Cyborg, that would just be ridiculous. More, a Human that was Genetically Bred and then became a Cyborg.



Physical Appearance

Not overly tall, more the average height. Not dynamic hero height, more in the 5'9'' range. So by some standards short. But by others tall. It's a bit relative, I suppose.

Physically muscular for years of hard labour but not so much that it would make him stand out of a naked crowd. If he happened to be standing in a naked crowd. Which would be strange.

Pale and weathered skin marked with scars hidden beneath thick body hair. Grey eyes are set under bushy eyebrows in a face lined by a thick beard flecked heavily with the age of greys and whites.

His entire right side is heavily damaged. His arm is entirely missing, replaced instead with robotic replacement attached directly into the nerve endings allowing him to control it as if it was organic. His right eye, similarly, is missing and replaced with a robotic replacement. It doesn't do anything fancy other than let him see, and it does not even do that particularly well because after years and years of labour in the gardens and fending for himself it became damaged and eventually broken. It is covered from further harm by a simple eye patch.

Personality and Interests



An orphan at birth, Thomas (or Tam to his friends) was found in a box outside the central lab of Genetics Inc., the largest genetics company on the Midway Station, the moon sized spacestation situated approximately between the Sol System and Alpha Centuri.
An orphan without a good education or family on the November Platform of Midway Station left only one job opportunity open: one of the PMCs that held down the 'law and order' of Midway Station. And Thomas was good, really good. For 30 years he worked his way through the ranks to become the most experienced and senior members of the November Platform PMC.

However, everyone has bad days. Thomas's last operation as Major of the November Platform PMC was also his last days on Midway Station. An accident, some misplaced zeroes at the headquarters, lead Thomas into disaster and caused him to lose his arm and his eye, and caused just as much damage to his mental state.

Retiring from the PMC, Thomas got on the next ship passing through the station: The JMC Blue Dwarf.

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Image of Thomas Plisken
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