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Summary: An old man

Thomas Plisken

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Gender: Male

Age: 64

Group: Civillians & Other




Defacto Security Chief
Formely, security officer (biscuit vault guard)

Physical Appearance

Not overly tall, more the average height. Not dynamic hero height, more in the 5'7'' range. So by some standards short. But by others tall. It's a bit relative, I suppose.

Physically muscular for years of military service, but not so much that it would make him stand out of a naked crowd. If he happened to be standing in a naked crowd. Which would be strange. Maybe there's a little beer belly growing.

Pale and weathered skin marked with scars hidden beneath thick body hair. Grey eyes are set under bushy eyebrows in a face lined by a thick beard flecked heavily with the age of greys and whites.

His entire right side is heavily damaged. His arm is entirely missing, replaced instead with robotic replacement attached directly into the nerve endings allowing him to control it as if it was organic. His right eye, similarly, is missing and replaced with a robotic replacement. It doesn't do anything fancy other than let him see, and it does not even do that particularly. After one fight or another, it was damaged and now does not function. It is covered from further harm by a simple eye patch.

Personality and Interests

Everything was better when Plisken was younger. Everything. The food was better, the technology was better, the people were better. It was just better. Plisken is greatly fond of informing the younger Dwarfers that this was the case.
These small speeches are usually accompanied by a long winded story about how he's seen something like this before, or how he's already done something even more dangerous. Some stories are interesting. Some stories are dull. Some stories are impossible and sound made up. Some are badly written. The other Dwarfers are, regardless of the story quality, fed up of hearing them.

Plisken also enjoys cooking and fishing, and his favourite food is smoked haddock. However, there are few haddocks in deep space to catch and even fewer to to smoke. Thankfully, the Dwarf's chip shops were fully and overly stocked so a good hearty fish supper is a close second.


Plisken was once a Royal Guard. Not to any of the great and powerful houses of the cosmos, and certainly not a member of Brittany's inner circle. No, he was a Royal Guard to the true Jacobite heir to the British throne: Charles Stuart XXI. A minor power by the cosmos's standards, but there was a palace to guard and everything. Sometimes, there was even some deer to shoot.

Charles Stuart held a true claim to the throne, but lacked the motivation to pursue it. He was, unfortunately for many Jacobites, a fat and lazy man who much prefered the world of business than revolution. 'King Stuart' was a great way to drum up interest in his whisky business though.

Charles Stuart was executed on the orders of Brittany in an attempt to wipe out any possible revolution attempt. This was following the Trump-Clinton family's attempted revolution, when they bought a certificate online proclaiming them the true heirs to Britain. Plisken hopped on the first ship out of the system that day: the JMC Blue Dwarf.

Plisken never knew his parents. They died when he was an infant, although he knew his mother had been an advisor to Charles Stuart's father, Henry Stuart XVI. That was a connection that helped him get the position of Royal Guard when his Space Corps. service ended after 16 years.

On the Dwarf, he was but a lowly security officer. A fall from grace if there ever was one. He was primarily charged with guarding the biscuit vault, a bit of a misnomer because it also contained crackers.

Along the way, Plisken picked up a cat called Mog. Mog if, of course, an evil genius from an alternate reality that is hell bent on destroying the entire Mouse Empire. But to everyone on the Dwarf he just looks like a cat. Mog, in particular, likes Plisken and will perch on his shoulder when out and about.

Favourite Sayings

'When I was younger, this was better than that, you know...'

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Image of Thomas Plisken
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