Great Minds Think Alike

Cass was sat behind a desk in the dead squids office. They had been camping out here since the "double assassination" triple if you counted the robot, which Belvedyr did and everyone else decided was bollocks. They had found quite a haul in the adjoining caves and had recently finished piling the best of it up in the main "office."

"You know." Cass mused as she leafed through a ledger they had salvaged from the pocket universe of pooh. "It would appear that we are sitting on a gold mine here. We can buy our way out of community service with ease, but why stop there."

"What do you mean?" Pickman asked.

"I mean we have all the contacts and resources here to take over this operation."

"You can not be serious." Pornsak blurted out. "Is she serious?"

"Deadly serious." Cass answered twirling a pencil between her thumb and forefinger as she eyed each of them in turn.

Fergus coughed politely, recognising that look in her eye and struggling to find the right words, "I erm... well we have never tried running a crime syndicate before." He said weakly.

"Good." Dick said, "So why start now? I have to say slaughtering aliens in their homes and becoming an intergalactic crime Lord was not on my bucket list last time I checked. I mean seriously?"

"Seriously." Cass said, snapping the pencil in two.

"Oh she's serious alright." Fergus said.

"She snapped the pencil, that's a sure sign of seriousness." Pickman confirmed.

Just then Jason and Pilsken came in loaded up with crates of Dr. Pepper.

"You know." Thomas laughed. "We could start our own crime sindicate with this lot."

"Guhu hi hi." Jason gurlgled with amusement.

"Erm its funny you should say that." Jamie said.

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