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Summary: So imagine you are a pineapple...

Dr Richard Pornsak

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Gender: Male

Age: 30

Group: Scientists


Mostly Human


Quantum Biologist

Physical Appearance

A little on the chubby side with short blonde hair and blue eyes. Dick has a winning smile and a can do aura.

Personality and Interests

Eternally and possibly terminally optimistic Dick faces each day with the gusto of a Labrador on speed.

His obsession with the infinite possibilities of the biological form and function drives him to tinker around the edges of insanity as he works to prove once and for all that people are in fact pineapples, that is to say that the energy flux of any biological entity regardless of sentience or its pineapple flavour share precisely the same quantum car parking space. That is to say that I am you, you are me and we both are probably pineapples, or perhaps tangerines... the fruit is irrelevant. The point is that if we all share the same energy then the quantum reality is that we are all the same person and will be everybody and everything at some point or more accurately at the same point.

He also like Jenga and 80s Rock.


While travelling through the Sol System on board the Blue Midget 13 Dick accidentally triggered a Quantum event on the shuttle. With Jupiter Command just in sight Dick and his shuttle winked out of existence. He has spent eighteen years in a pocket dimension designing a device to get him back home.
Due to the quantum instability of his cells he is forced to wear a specially designed pair of Y-front pants that stabilise his energy signature and keep him grounded in the universe as we know it. He can never take them off and any other clothes he attempts to wear disappear into the quantum ether.
Dick appears somewhere in the universe 'lost in space' he has missed everything and is dying for a cup of tea.

Favourite Sayings

So imagine you are a pineapple...

They are not underpants they are a quantum stability matrix and my very existence depends upon them

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Image of Dr Richard Pornsak
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