If it's not one thing, it's the mother!

Dick sat in dumbstruck silence. It had been an hour since the "lawyer" had dropped by and his calling card sat squarely before him on the desk. Not quite squarely in fact, so he nudged it to the right. No too far, so back to the left. He glared at the thing and wondered what he was going to tell the others. He supposed it was in fact good news that he had procured legal representation, but something was nagging him. He did not feel entirely in charge of the situation.

"Ahem." something gurgled from the doorway, and Dick looked up.

"Who are you?" the visitor asked.

Pornsak seeing the tentacled visage that loomed in the cavern entrance promptly screamed like a little girl and fell over the back of his chair while attempting to stand up and run away at the same time. In a blind panic he scrambled behind the desk taking several moments to pluck up the courage to peak over the top.

"Go away!" Dick squealed as the Cthulhu look alike glared down at him, "We're very sorry and we didn't mean it."

"What are you talking about?" came the response, "Where is my little pumpkin and why are you sitting in his chair? And why are you not dressed? Is this a sex thing?"

Dick risked another peak at the creature, "What? No! Who are you?" he asked realising that this creature though similar in looks was perhaps not the recently deceased crime lord returned to exact his bloody vengeance. For a start he was pretty sure that he was a she.

"Now look here you cheeky young, what ever you are..." she scolded, "Get from behind that desk right now and tell me where my son is."

"Your son?" Dick asked feeling nervous all over again.

"I am loosing patience." the alien snapped, angrily waving a large black plastic sack she had been carrying. Dick had no choice, he took a deep breath and stood up. The two stood there for a long moment in silence. She started tapping her tentacles impatiently.

"Erm... whats in the bag?" Dick asked.

"His washing." she replied, "Are you going to tell me where he is?"

"He erm... he popped to the shop." Dick blurted out and then added, "to get milk." for good measure.

"Oh well, why didn't you say so." She threw the bag of washing down with a huff and slithered over to a nearby table where a small cauldron sat over a phased heating ring. She flicked a switch and the cauldron began to bubble.

"Shall I tell him you dropped by?" Dick asked after a moment.

"No need." she answered, "I'll wait."

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