Right now, aboard the fuelling station...

‘I’m afraid, I haven’t been entirely truthful with you, sirs,’ said the mechanoid as it pressed a few buttons on a nearby door, ‘But you have to understand, it was going to kill me.’

The door opened and revealed colossal computer mainframe. A web of wires crisscrossed the room, and the drones of dead humans and Fazon stood guard. Held tight by two of these guards, one of which looked suspiciously like Plisken.

‘Welcome,’ boomed a voice.

“Um... Hello?” Pornsak waved, looking uncertainly between the Plisken being held captive and the one he was with “I must say, this is a pretty impressive setup you’ve got here. The zombie guards are a really nice touch”

“Silence, worm!” one of the Fazon, a particularly tall and muscular specimen, strode forward to stand before them, hands on hips, with his cloak thrown back to show his oiled physique and studded leather posing pouch to the best effect.

Cass giggled at the sight, one hand clamping over her mouth in an attempt to try and stifle her mirth.

At this, both the Plisken’s gave her a steely glare. It was bad enough that she’d killed the Fazon messiah with a crate of empties, so the last thing either of them needed was her annoying them and making them even angrier. “Please continue” the one being held captive said, politely.

“Indeed” the other one wasn’t about to be out-Pliskened “Please do, Mr...?”

“Cardinal” the Fazon said, coldly “Cardinal Valamir”

Unable to contain herself, Cass let out a squeak of excitement and rushed forward to throw herself on her knees at his feet.

“I did it!” she beamed up at him. Fawning. Her eyes alight “It was me who bought them here. I did it for you, your holiness”

“Don’t listen to that conniving sow!” the double crossing mechanoid protested, clearly unaware of the irony of what he was saying “It was me-”

“Silence!” Valamir bellowed, giving Cass a savage backhanded slap, which sent her sprawling “You defile the inner sanctum of the Sacred Dominion with your heretical presence”

Stepping over Cass, sobbing on the floor, clutching her cheek, he strode purposefully towards Pornsak and the Pliskens “It took the Fazon millennia to achieve interstellar flight, and when we did, what did we find?”

One of the Pliskens opened his mouth to say something but, recognising a rhetorical question when he saw one and not wanting to interrupt a zealot mid-rant, quickly thought better of it.

Cardinal Valamir nodded “That’s right” he continued, raising his arms “The Sacred Dominion. An artificial superconsciousness far in advance of anything we even dreamed possible. It has nurtured and guided the Fazon ever since.

“And now, not only do you defile the space around the Sacred Dominion with your presence, you dock your ugly blue monstrosity with it and just stroll into the inner sanctum!” he paused to muster as much venom as he was able “Your suffering will be legendary”

Dick Pornsak shook his head in confusion “Would somebody please tell me what the hell is going on?”

It seems as if the Fazon revere the fuelling station AI as a God – or something?
It also turns out that that Cass wasn’t the real one, which was probably how she made it there so quickly, but which Plisken is the right one? - Or is the real one off doing something else?

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