Just then Jason and Pilsken came in loaded up with crates of Dr. Pepper.

"You know." Thomas laughed. "We could start our own crime sindicate with this lot."

"Guhu hi hi." Jason gurlgled with amusement.

"Erm its funny you should say that." Jamie said.

“Joking!” Thomas said “I was joking”

“I wasn’t” Cass tossed the two halves of broken pencil onto the desk in front of her and sat back in her chair “We’ve everything we need here to do very nicely, thank you very much”

“What? Dr. Pepper?”

“Not only that, but guns, drugs, assassins - You name it”

“We could get arrested for that sort of stuff” Dick pointed out.

“I doubt it. There must be half of the police department on the books” Cass leaned forward and peered at the screen. It had taken a while to figure out how to get it to display in English and even then, the translation was a little spotty “We just killed the police chief, so from the look of it, his next in command is a someone called Kraytos Sim?

“We’ll need to make contact with them and a few others to help secure our position”

“Are we really doing this?” Thomas asked in amazement “Only, you know... There’s so much that can go wrong”

He cracked a can of Dr. Pepper and passed it to Tanaka “Here. This’ll help”

“What’s the worst that could happen?” Cass shrugged.

“Uh, we get killed?” Dick said

“I meant the Dr Pepper”


“But, yeah” Cass said “This could get us killed, so we need to consolidate our position as quickly as possible and establish an exit strategy from the outset”

“You make it sound like you’ve done this before” Plisken observed


Pickman frowned “I thought you were the ship’s Chaplain?” he said “How do you know how to run a crime gang?”

“She’s the Chaplain!?” Dick spluttered.

“Hey, it’s a living - I never said I enjoyed it... Or believed in anything”

Tanaka took a long swig of Dr. Pepper in the silence that followed “That’s better” he sighed as he worked his jaw from side to side “So what do we do?”

Cass shrugged “The way I see it” she said “Is that there are a bunch of things that need doing.

“One” she held up a hand and began counting off on her fingers “We need to make contact with Kraytos and let him of her know they’re in charge now. We don’t want arrest warrants in our names for not turning up for vaculav duties, so we need things smoothing over with the law.

“Two: We need an exit strategy. The atmosphere outside the geodesic domes here is poisonous, so we can’t just run for the hills if it all goes tits up. We need a way of getting out of this city and off-system, with as much of the Grand Poobah’s money as possible.

“Which brings me to three: We need a way of accessing his funds - Since the Grand Poobah got crushed by a miniature starbug, we have very little left of him that would pass anything more than genetic biometric security arrangements. I reckon we probably need to make contact with someone at his bank and blackmail them into giving us access to his money.

“Four: We need to make contact with the lieutenants in this crime syndicate and find a way of getting them to work with us. Favours, kidnapping or violence - Whatever works. Failing that, we’ll just execute the lot of them and select some more loyal underlings from the lower ranks.

“Five: According to the Grand Poobah’s diary, we’ve got a shipment coming in, in a couple of hours, that needs meeting and paying for. I’ll deal with the criminal scum for now and handle that, so if you guys want to jump on the other jobs or anything else you think I’ve missed, that’d be great”

Leaning to one side, Cass pulled open one of the desk drawers and extracted several wads of cash and a few sidearms, which she slapped down on the desktop.

“There, that should get us started”

Eyeing the weapons, Dick pursed his lips “You know, there’s so much that could go wrong here”

“Nah, it’ll be fine. Do you want to go back to being destitute and scrubbing alien piss off vaculavs or do you want to take a chance and live like a king?” Cass clapped her hands ”Come on, let’s get to it!”

There’s a few ideas to get us moving - Feel free to pick a job up or come up with one of your own devising.
It’s all going to go horribly wrong at some point, but let’s have some fun pretending to be gangsters in the meantime :-)

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