Looking For a Celebration

Talon patted himself in the chest until he heard a ruffled Tanaka scream, "Watch it!"

Joss tongue in cheek responded, "To bee or not to bee a great pilot; that is the question."

"Very funny," Tanaka expressed. "Just get me to Science."

Talon chuckled as he walked his way off the flight deck. He usually stayed away from the Science area. Most of the squints there spoke way over Talon's head. He only needed a head for flying.

He entered the Science Labs, found the nearest person and reached into his pocket. Pulling out Tanaka, Talon joked, "Say hello to my little friend. He needs some help. And oh, bee gentle."

With that, Joss headed for the door. He heard a nice cold one calling him for a celebratory drink. "Catch up with you later, time to celebrate."

Talon headed to the nearest pub. He ordered a cold brew. Most of the guys were usually here after a good flight. Where was everyone?

When the drink came, Joss gulped it, but it never got past his mouth. His eyes bugged because the beer was warm as hell. Or at least as warm as he imagined he'll to be. He was afraid to swallow, because if he did, the contents of his stomach would push it backwards in its rush to get out. He did the only logical thing and spewed it in the face of the tender that served him.

"This tastes like piss water," Talon barked. Of course, Joss wasn't exactly certain how piss tasted. He wondered if someone was actually brave enough to try. The exclamation came from somewhere.

"I'm sorry, Tal! Want a different one?"

Not sure to trust his luck, Talon answered, "No, I'll try my luck at the coffee dispenser."

Walking over to the machine, Talon ordered a cappuccino. Instead of a cup and a steamy hot liquid coming out, the machine printed a picture of a man holding a 20th century weapon. The inscription underneath read AL PACINO.

Talon was dumbfounded. What the hell is going on around here? So much for celebrating. Then the thought hit him. The Promenade deck is usually hopping. Celebration back on!

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