Time To Act

Talon Joss couldn't just stand around trying to think things through, hoping someone, including himself, would come up with a solution. He was young, and wild, and free. Joss was a young man of action, not a thinker.

Talon acted on impulse,shouting, "Follow me!" He made a mad dash following what seemed to be a trail between plants toward the cabinets containing the poison. He was followed by Cass, who thought the man had a plan. Tanaka had stayed out. He was already dead and had recent problems with his bee. He'd rather think of a logical solution, rather than rushing in without thinking.

A vine stretched across the path, catching Talon's foot as he ran. Again, the momentum of his upper body continued forward and he hit the ground. He rolled to his back just in time to see Cass come falling atop of him. Multiple vines stretched forth, tying the two together, face to face. One vine around their feet, and a second about their shoulders, suspended the two in the air. The more the two struggled, the tighter the vines got. One comfort Talon got was that their was none of the pods close enough to the to make them dinner. Another, of anyone Talon could choose to be this close to, Cass wasn't a poor choice.

"Shit!" Cass shouted.

Out of the corner of his eye, Joss caught some movement. A leaf to one of the plants scooped up some fertilizer and hurled it toward them. Talon's mouth was open in astonishment as the manure hit the two of them in the face. Why couldn't she have used the other four letter word she so frequently used! Joss thought wondering what the karma would have been for that.

Talon turned his face away from Cass. He spit the fertilizer out of his mouth. "Iris? Did you leave out that these plants have some intelligence?"

OOC: So now the mission includes a rescue!

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