The Power of Sarcasm

Tanaka cocked his eyebrow. Had the field assumed his sarcastic remark was genuine? Either way, that seemed to put a dent in Iris's karma.

Iris began to trace Jamie's face with the edge of the knife, not enough to break the skin, just enough to make Jamie fidget in discomfort.

"Hey!" Tanaka shouted so Iris could hear. "Look, I know you're probably eager to get this whole tentacle hentai thing with Jamie rolling, but I'm getting too impatient here. Mind letting me down now? Pretty please with sugar on?"

Iris frowned, "How can I say no with sugar on?"

The vines released Tanaka and he plummeted to the floor, letting out a girlish scream as he did. He hit the ground and it hurt. At least it was painful, physically he was fine.

"Than... thanks..." Tanaka groaned with as much sarcasm he could muster, "I was getting a little sick up there. This is so much better."

The field stuttered again, the knife slipped out of Iris's hand and cut her palm. Jamie started to put two and two together as well.

"Yes! I have to say these vines are actually rather snug! Rather comfy! Thanks for making us so comfortable!"

"What are you doing?" Iris asked as the field flickered again. This time a gnome tried to race over to attack Tanaka and ended up getting tangled in the vines that were entwined around Jamie, causing them to loosen their grip on him.

"Really," Tanaka said as he got up and dusted himself off, "You're doing quite an amazing job here. Very impressive."

"Stop! Stop or I'll fill your mouth with thorny roses!" Iris shouted.

"I'm game for that!" Tanaka nodded, "Bet it'll help clear up the sinuses!"

"Yeah!" Jamie agreed sarcastically.

Iris pointed to Tanaka and more vines went to tie him down. "Yes! Like that! Give me more vines! This is fan-smegging-tastic!" he shouted.

The field continued to stutter and fizzle. This caused the vines to instead careen past Tanaka and into a nearby power junction box, sending about a thousand volts of electricity through the entire plant. The vines burst into flames, and Iris started to scream in horror.

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