Instincts and Life

Talon simply hung there, in more ways than one, being exposed to everyone who chose to notice. Talon felt as if he were the naughty masochist tied up for the sadistic Cass to lay more lashes upon his backside. The two she had already put there were stinging, much like the damage of the bees. It was his own fault. His body hadn't reacted in this way since he dated that gorgeous redhead, who owned a taser. Man, she was stunning! In truth, Talon's hair was straight until he had met her. Thankfully Cass seemed distracted at the moment.

He felt vulnerable, but was thankful everyone's focus was elsewhere at the moment. Bottles were flying as tempers flared. Maybe someone could bring him freedom. He'd have to join the fray and kick some ass if he wanted to get Cass and Jade out of here.

Well, maybe Jade. Afterall, she did seem the nicer of the two. Cass had been rather cantankerous since he had met her. Then again, it seemed to work for her.

If Talon were flying, he'd know what to do. It was the only thing his late father had passed on to him: the skill, instincts, and the love of flying. In real life, young Talon had no skills. He seemed awkward at best. If only he could have someone mentor him in the ways of life, it might help.

As a chaplain, Cass could show him the way. But which way? That mentorship would only find Talon in deeper shit. Jade? Where is she? Maybe she could help. However, what would these two know about being a man?

Talon's thoughts were interrupted by a man standing before him. A man seeming wise, yet down to earth. An older man, yet not so old.

" 'oo are you?" the older man asked.

"I'm Talon Joss. Could...," but before Joss could ask to be freed, he saw the younger man with the bloodied nose readying to throw something at the man. "Duck!" Talon shouted.

Plisken complied with agility not usually seen in older men. The dagger lodged in the wall behind Talon, just below his groin.

Blood draining from his face, Talon yelled in a tirade, "Will someone bloody hell free me! It's time to kick some ass!"

The old man grinned, spun and kicked the feet out from the guy who threw the knife. The younger man fell backwards, his head creating a sickening crack on the table behind him.

Cass was busy fending for herself as others rushed the stage. At least she has more balls than Claude, Talon found himself thinking. Why is that so alluring? The idea of the bad chaplain continued to stimulate Talon's thoughts. He knew that if he didn't get down soon, he'd have more lashes across his ass.


Will Jade appear oiled up in her new outfit?

Who will free Talon?

Much more, who will mentor Talon in the ways of life?

Will Plisken put down the assault of the young thugs?

Will Cass cause more damage to Talon or the thugs with the whip?

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