Adventures of Dick Pornsak Part 6

"Ok do we all understand the plan?" Zed asked as she brought the shuttle in to land at the sprawling space complex. They had made a further jump back in time to rectify the tiny issue of their only hope being dead. Zed had not been as put out as Dick had expected by the news, she had mumbled something about fixed causality loops and pressed on with a new plan to save the Grand High Poobar from his fate.

"Makes perfect sense." Smurf replied, is memory core once more transferred to the ship. "Are you sure I can not come along?"

"No." Zed replied, "We need you here to keep the ships ID masked and to be ready to extract us should anything go wrong." The glance she gave Dick at that point caused him to bristle.

"Oi! I know the plan." he protested. "Everything's cool."

"Ok then what is it?" Zed asked.

"What's what?"

"The plan." she watched him watch her for several awkward moments.

"Perhaps we could just review a few parts of it before we start." he said.

"Which... parts?"

"The er... middle bit and then that bit at the start where we er... oh and the end part."

"So all of it." Zed replied flatly.

"If its not too much trouble." Dick replied brightly as Smurf groaned in the background.

"Right first I make contact with the Grand High Poobar while your past self is still entangled with the local authorities."

"Got it." Dick replied.

"While I am doing this you will sneak aboard this shuttle but in the past and replace the vacuum container with this modified transportation device."

"Wait wont past Smurf recognise me and..." Dick began.

"I am deactivated at this time by the port authorities." Smurf explained.

"Right ok." Dick nodded, "and the modified device will transport the Poobar here."

"Yes." Zed replied.

"Question." Dick said.

"Go on?"

"Why will he help us? Wont he just have us killed or something?"

"I intend to make him an offer he can not refuse." Zeds eyes gleamed with menace and Dick gulped. Smurf found the soundtrack to the godfather in his memory files and began to play it quietly in the background.

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