Adventures of Dick Pornsak Part 5

"You can let go of me now." Zed Hissed.

"Oh, er. Yes of course." Dick untangled himself from the half dressed woman and asked, "what now?"

"Now we get your ship and get out of here." She replied as she reached over and opened the closet door. She peered out for a second or two before slipping out.

"We should probably follow her." Smurf commented.

"Good idea," Dick agreed, "You nip out there and make sure its safe."

Before Smurf could protest Zed appeared once more, slamming the door open and causing Dick to squeal like a five year old girl.

"Come on." She hissed.

They were running then. Or rather Zed was running while Dick staggered behind trying not to have a heart attack. They came to a halt on a balcony overlooking the station reception.

"What now?" Dick asked.

"We wait." Zed replied as she studied her wrist device, "Any moment now."

"Oh look, there must be a Sumo convention at the station tonight." Chipped Smurf as he looked down at the overweight human in a pair of white underpants checking in below.

"God yes, he definately ate all the pies." Dick laughed and then stopped abruptly as he realised, "hey that's me down there you cheeky little.."

"Hush both of you." Zed snapped, "its time."

More running then as they made their way down to the docks where the ship was currently sitting unguarded. They climbed inside.

"So we are really in the past?" Dick asked.

"We really are!" Smurf piped in. "I am currently talking to myself."

"Promise yourself not to say anything." Zed demanded.

"Way ahead of you." Smurf replied, "I will reveal nothing of my knowledge of these events until... now."

"You bastards you knew all along, you could have warned me." Dick accused.

"No he could not, it would have caused a paradox." Said Zed as she fired up the engines. "Speaking of which, Smurf can you clone your ID onto the shuttle just ahead of us. It's important that they do not realise we are gone until later tonight."

"No problemo." Smurf replied and then when silent as he hacked into the other shuttle.

With their tracks covered Zed disembarked and Dick sat himself beside her as they watched the station disappear into the distance.

"They had a really great dessert menu." Dick said mournfully, earning him a look of disgust from Zed.

"Ok, now we begin the search for the Grand High Poobar. I warn you, we seek a dangerous being with a ruthless reputation throughout the entire sector. This will not be easy."

"You're telling me." Dick murmered.

"What was that?" Zed asked.

"You should probably tell her." Smurf advised.

"Tell me what?"

"Could there be more than one Grand High Poobar?" Dick asked hopefully.

"Highly doubtful." Zed mused, "This historic records are quite detailed and.. why are you looking at me like that?"

"There's no easy way to say this." Dick started...

"He's dead." Smurf told her.

"Ok that was easy, but it wasn't my fault."

"Dick killed him." Smurf corrected.

"Ok so it was kind my fault." He admitted.

"Completely.." started Smurf.

"Completely my fault." Dick said giving Smurf daggers.

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