Phil's first day

Phil FeBuggure
JMC Blue Dwarf, Science offices
Space Date : 02/09/2100
0930 hours
Phil walked into the office to meet with Lt. Rongsides. He wasn't present. Good. That gave Phil time to work his "magic." Grabbing a pen and pad he jotted down several things that would happen in the next 24 hours and sealed it in a envelope. On the envelope he wrote down some numbers. If anyone had been watching(someone had, Kevin the secrurity camera, but he was hoping for a repeat of the now infamous "naked dancing" experiment that occured many months ago), these numbes would have seemed random. They were in fact the numbers of the 4 horse-gelfs who would win in todays braoadcasted race. There was still time to make a bet or two.
The Lt walked into the room. Before he had a chance to speak, Phil pulled out "Old Stingy"(he favorite elasatic band) and flicked it hard at Rongsides gronial area. And I Mean Hard(sorry, that should be HARD!!!!!(5 !'s - a sure sign of madness)). As the Lt. Rolled about on the floor, in not a small amount of pain, Phil walked over and helped him up. As he was gasping for Breath, the Hardlight holgram wisped into his ear. "You see that envelope on the table. It's yours. It contains some intresting facts about the next 24 hours. It also has the numbers of the 4 wining horses in todays 40,000 credits race at New Newmarket. It's yours. If you rush you can still make a bet in time. I can supply you more if you wish. All I ask in return is 2 things
1) Keep your nose out of my buisness and belongings. Espcially airlocks
2) Let me do my own thing in these labs.
Naturally, I'll report to you any "Findings" I stumle across. But basically, I want to do my own thing. If you disagree with this plan, then I'll have to let slip about that incedint ivolging you, an airlock, and the JMC company directors 12 prize chickens. I don't think I have to say any more. Do you agree yes or no?"
Phil waited for the Lt's response as he twirled "Old Stingy" around his finger......
PS. Ben, I hope u don't mind what Phill did.  5;-)  ( <- elvis)

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