(Blue Dwarf) Frank Harris 'A deal's a deal'

Blue Dwarf
Security Office
Jackson sat in Harris' chair at Harris' desk going through some of the paperwork
that had piled in the tray marked IN, they were mainly a few complaints about
some of the security officers and a few cases of theft.
"Harris to Jackson." Came over the com.
"Yes Major Harris, sir?" Jackson replied.
"I want that mercenary in the brig ready for transport." Harris ordered.
"May I ask why, Major Harris sir?" Jackson enquired.
"Trading him for some important information." Harris answered. "And bring that
weasel Lenny Ming along with you, I'm trading him as well."
Orbital poultry facility
30 minutes later.
Harris met up with Jackson in an empty section of the facility, the sergeant had
done as he was ordered and brought along the mercenary and Lenny Ming.
Ming watched the Major nervously, dreading what he might do.
The four head the sounds of footsteps and then Davina appeared.
"Where's Nester?" Harris enquired.
"Puking his guts out." Davina answered. "You've sobered up quickly."
"Got the information?" Harris demanded, trying his best to ignore the pounding
in his head.
"Yes." The female mercenary answered, removing a disk from within her coat and
holding it out for Harris to see. "And I see you have lived up to your side of
the deal."
"Then let's trade." Harris said.
Just then one of the station's security officer's appeared and as he was about
to light a cigarette he noticed what was happening. The hapless security
officer looked at Harris and then asked the Major. "Frank Harris?"
"Yes." Harris snarled.
"I'll be going now." The security said and quickly disappeared from sight.
"He's heard of you." Davina commented.
Harris nodded to Ming and the mercenary and they made their way over to Davina
while he took the disk out of her hand. Harris gave Ming a quick kick as the
security officer as by.
"It was nice doing business with you gentlemen." Davina said and then she led
the two out of sight of Harris and Jackson.
"Does Captain Cannon or Commander Nipels know about this, Major Harris sir?"
Jackson asked.
"Nope." Harris answered as he handed the disk to Jackson. "Take that to Loes
and if you see Lloyd tell her to get back to peeling those spuds or else!"
"What if this is a some kind of trap?" Jackson enquired.
"Why would it be. They have nothing to gain since there is no longer a bounty
on the Cannon and Nipels' head." Harris answered and then he ordered. "Now
As he was about to leave Harris noticed a chewing gum machine, he considered
getting another packet of gum and when he saw the only flavour they had was
chicken he throught better of it. Chicken flavoured chewing gum, what a
revolting idea.
Donover was just haply minding his own business when he had the misfortune of
running into that hologram, Phil Febuggure, and now the hologram was trying to
get him to tell him some of the interesting things that have happened to him.
"You were down this creature's throat?" Febuggure asked.
"So what if I was." Donover told Febuggure. It was bad enough having to work
for one of the most infamous security officers in the JMC but he had to put up
with this as well!
"Must have been interesting." Febuggure said.
"Interesting!" Donover snapped. "Ever since I joined the JMC I have seen my
life flash before my eyes so many times I could write my biography in striking
"I bet there's people out there that wants a life as interesting as yours."
Febuggure told the Ensign.
"They can have it!" Donover told Febuggure. "Now if you would excuse me I have
duties to attend to!"
Donover walked away from the hologram.

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