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What's crewing gum?
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>Subject: [JMC_Blue_Dwarf] (Blue Dwarf) Ppdated Biography
>Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2000 14:04:18 +0100 (BST)
>Name: Frank 'Nutter' Harris
>Rank: Major
>Sex: Male.
>Age: 34.
>Position: Chief of security aboard JMC Mining Ship Blue Dwarf.
>Served in the space for ten years before assigned as head of security
>aboard the Blue Dwarf. Before that his history is an utter mystery, where
>he grew up, who were his parents is unknown.
>Harris earned the nickname of 'Nutter' as on his first assignment his
>roommate, a hologram, Allen Green, drove him two thirds mad. How often do
>you hear of someone flushing a hologram's light emitter down the loo?
>Harris likes no one and isn't afraid to show it and because of this he
>spent four years of his career in the brig or under the watchful eyes of
>the Core's counsellors, most of which dread having to deal with Harris.
>One notable fact is that Harris is crewing gum, some counsellors believe it
>may be a way of controlling his temper and others just believe that Harris
>has been doing it for so long, he has become addicted to crewing gum. The
>reason being, much like the rest of his life, is unknown.
>Important (infamous) events in his career
>Harris' entire career in the Core has been racked with … ahem … events that
>have made Harris stand out from most officers, most of which do not wish to
>serve with him as they all dread to hear the words 'You looking at me!'
>The most recent is the well-known assault on Captain Allen Morris when a
>heated debut, cause unknown, turned nasty. Harris grabbed a passing
>scutter and used it to knock the Captain out and then went on to encase
>Morris from the neck down in jelly, why is still to be found out.
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