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Blue Dwarf
Day 2
11:00 hours
The Mining ship Blue Dwarf was still attached to the gigantic Jupiter station, silhouetted against the glowing planet. All of the crew had now come aboard the ship from the station, the station’s technicians were making the finishing touches to the rickety ship.
Sydeny Van Threck, the Blue Dwarf’s new chief doctor had found the medlab and was busy sorting out the medical records. The medlab was full of technicians, the doctor had had to kick three men and two scutters out of the way just to get to her office.
The officer in charge of security, Major Frank "Nutter" Harris stood on the promenade and watched everyone walk by like an eagle. So far today he had stopped two accounts of petty theft and apprehended one person who was protesting about the number of protestors in the world. The major had a very unorthodox style, it usually involved a bit of shouting and a lot of violence.
A man dressed in leather walked down the promenade, as he passed an old lady the woman grabbed his wallet and ran off through the crowd. Harris chased the old woman and knocked her down like a dog, he retrieved the man’s wallet and gave it back to it’s owner with a grim smile. He dragged the elderly-offender back to the security office.
In the drive room, final preparations were being made to set sail. The communications officer finished her chat with the station and the navigation officer cleared all docking struts and slowly piloted the large ship away from the station. The Blue Dwarf’s mission had commenced.
12:00 hours
Conference room
All of the senior staff were assembled in the conference room, all except for Major Harris who was late. He walked in and snarled an excuse.
Commander Seymore Niples stood, and addressed all officers sat at the table. Captain Cannon was looking mildly uninterested as he tucked into a ham-sandwich.
"Thank you all for coming" announced Niples. He pointed to a computer display behind him.
"As you know, the Mining ship Red Dwarf disappeared three months ago. It is our mission to find her and bring her back to Earth space. The ship’s last known heading took it into uncharted space, space that may be dangerous…"
"Oh great!" interrupted Doctor Van Threck
"Sounds like fun!" said Harris.
"Oh bugger!" said Captain Cannon as he spilled some mustard on the table, he wiped it with his hand and quickly licked it. The doctor gave him one of those ‘that can’t be healthy’ looks.
Commander Niples sighed. The only person in the room who seemed to be paying attention was the scientist Mahok Yolandon who was probably also calculating the engine intake, momentum of a class- twelve quasar and re-writing Macbeth in his head. He was probably clever enough.
"As we are going into uncharted territory, the Jupiter Mining corporation wants us to investigate any planets we encounter along the way to see if they are worth mining."
Commander Niples touched a button on the display screen behind him and a map of space filled the screen. (It was just a black screen with a few small dots.)
He pressed another button which showed a more close-up view.
"The nearest planet is 24 hours away." he said, indicating the position on the screen. "We will send an away-team down to the surface when we get in range, the team will scan the area and return as quickly as possible."
"Who will the team consist of?" asked the scientist Mahok Yolandon. At which point the captain immediately spoke up "I’m going to lead the mission." He said.
The Commander protested "but sir, what if it’s dangerous?"
Captain Cannon ignored him and started picking everyone to be on the team.
Seymore protested again, "With all due respect sir, it is inappropriate for the captain to go into any situation which may be dangerous."
"Space-core directive 677 paragraph two" finished the captain. "I do know my directives you know." He said bitterly, Seymore blushed slightly.
As the captain spoke, Seymore thought he could hear a small squeak emanate from his pocket, he decided it would perhaps be better if he ignored it. This was turning out to be worse than he had expected, he had hoped that Captain Will Cannon had matured a lot since they had last met- if anything, he was worse. He had already directly ignored two Mining core rules and was already planning another- and they had only been out of spacedock for half an hour.
What was next? Declaring war on a new race? A small insurrection against the entire Earth-force… how was Niples supposed to cope with this? He had ran his life by rules and regulations for so long and now these rules were being shattered (and ground into fine powder) by an insubordinate Captain Cannon.
Niples held his head and groaned, then walked straight out of the room.
"Where are you going?" The confused staff shouted after him
He turned around and replied, "To the Pub!"
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