Harris 'Drink - I want to die'

What the hell did he get up to last night?!
Then something came back to the Major and he merely commented. "Ohhhh helllll!"
With that Harris disappeared very quickly from the medical and ended up at Cell
01 on floor 13.
After one hell of getting rid of everything he brought at Stewies and then burnt
the lot. After his shower he redressed in his usual choice of clothing and
Jill then appeared on screen and laughed, then singing out. "I know what you
did last night."
Harris gritted his teeth and planned something beyond nasty to do someone, his
first two choices were Jason Smegg or Dren Walker.
Then Harris heard Phil's voice over the com. "Harris, I think we have a
"I don't think you want to know about this right now but..." Jill paused.
"Dirk knows about me!"
Harris disappeared into his footlock and then pulled out a very long combat
knife. Harris was pushed to the limit and now he was going to take it out on
(Dirk - was that what he was going to see Harris about. Plus, any anyone want
to voluteener?)

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