Something was wrong. Allie could feel it, which
wasn't good because hardlight holograms weren't
supposed to feel pain or discomfort. Allie was feeling
quite a bit of this, though.
It was a dull ache in her abdomen, right in the area
that her light bee hovered.
"It's just boredom," she thought aloud. "I'm not
used to being so still and cooped up. Stupid cell.
Stupid humans!"
Allie got off the bed, aggravating the pain in her
belly, and stood facing the cell door. "You hear me
you stupid livies?! You're boring and weak! You can't
keep me in here!"
She dragged her light body back to the bed and
collasped, exhausted.
Something was definitely wrong with her.
The crack in Allie's light bee was slowly getting
worse, making her hardlight body weak and sluggish. It
was making her sick, and she would only get sicker as
the time release mechanism for the poison gas
continued to count down.
The crew of the Blue Dwarf now had 5 days, 15 hours
and 56 minutes until they were subjected to a gas that
would wipe them out before they could say
"Supercalifragi-" "Superfali-" "Duperfragi-" Oh, smeg
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