White Wolf - Catching Up...

OOC - I intended to post most of this when the internet connection
got cut, so it's a bit dated, and most of it happens before Niples
announces he's making WW 'Acting Captain'. So, please bear with it,
but I do try to bring things up to date. (I hope I mess anything
IC (In Character) -
Time & place - Phil and Tara's confrontation. (Oh ok, a while ago...)
White Wolf left Tara & Phil, and went in search of Alota for what to
do about this spat they were having.
He looked in the normal places where he'd expect her to be, but
couldn't seem to find her. Then he remembered she was supposed to be
in the Phantom of the Opera play, so he headed there and quickly
enter via the Backstage door.
And that's when he quickly realised he had inadvertantly walked out
onto the stage. He tried the compose himself, and noticed everyone
seemed to be looking at him as if they expected him to say a line. He
quickly tried to think of one of the lines for the play, and his mind
went blank for a moment.
Then, he suddenly recalled something, and quickly said it in his best
actors voice "To Hamster, or NOT to Hamster... That is not the
He immediately realised after saying it, that wasn't the right line,
and quickly stammered "Oh, Frap... Wrong play!" and quickly walked
off stage looking throughly embarrassed.
While backstage, the huge hamster grabbed a hanging clipboard with
some paper on it. And quickly scrawled out a note for Alota, and gave
it to a nearby stagehand, asking that it be deliver to Ms. Viagra
before hurriedly leaving via the same backstage door he entered
The Note read -
Tara and Phil are having a major Tiff. Apparently, Tara
believes that the *Real* Phil has committed some horrid act that I
believe the alternate universe Evil Phil has done. Since Tara won't
listen to me, Perhaps this needs a woman's touch. Could you go and
intercede with Tara and hopefully clear up this misunderstanding? I'd
appreciate it very much.
- White Wolf
Meanwhile near Tara's crewquarters.
The Amourzilla had finally tracked down the location of the Evil Phil
and was just about to enter the door into Tara's quarters as the
force 10 forcefields went up over the door. The Amourzilla struck at
the forcefield harmlessly, as the Evil Phil snickered and
muttered "How Ironic! That silly Tara actually protected me instead
of imprisoning me."
Then Evil Phil walked over to a nearby entertainment center, and
pulled it out. "Ahh, a cable video system. I Should be able to modify
this and use it to escape." and he began to take it apart, starting
the modifications.
Meanwhile, outside, the Amourzilla stopped striking the forcefield
and sat down to consider alternatives. And it's AI quickly realised
the forcefield *didn't* reinforce the walls, and it got up and
started tearing a hole in the wall to get into Tara's quarters.
Evil Phil looked up from his nearly completed modifications, noticing
the Amourzilla tearing it's way in, and muttered worriedly while
redoubling his efforts "I have to give that thing credit, It's
actually smarter than Holly. It might actually get to me before I
finish this."
Moments later...
The six foot one inch hamster folded his vest and set it down on the
floor next to the coiled 2 inch thick copper wire that was connected
to a electrical grounding junction in the wall. Then he put on the
bright orange electrical workers (rubber?) suit, and grabbing up one
end of the copper coil with a set of specially insulated tongs, he
dragged the end over to the science labs door.
He stood before it, and muttered "Hope this grounding idea of mine
works." and extended the copper wire to touch the door.
The sound of a terrific explosion echoed throughout the hallways, and
everywhere on the Blue Dwarf the lights dimmed for a few moments,
then pulsed brighter for a millisecond, and returned to normal
At about the same time...
The Amourzilla stomped it's way into the room, while Evil Phil
catcalled "Ha Ha, Looks like I get away to fight another day..." as
he flipped his makeshift switch. Suddenly the lights go dim, and the
Amourzilla grabs Evil Phil by the throat.
Evil Phil uselessly toggles the switch several times, and then
laments "Blimey, What a time to have a power sag, now I can't upload
myself outta here... That bloody rodent probably has hand in this!"
Then the power flickers back on, and the Evil Phil frantically
toggles his makeshift switch again. This time it works, as the evil
hologram dissapates from within the Amourzilla grip as it delivers a
tremendous blow that punchs through the adjoining wall where his head
*used to be*.
Quite sometime later...
The huge hamster instantly woke. He found himself lying on the floor
inside the science lab, his orange suit was in shreds, and his fur
was slightly singed and still smoking in several places. But, other
than that, he felt alright. He looked around, searching for Evil Phil
apprehensively, and found the lab was empty. He glanced at the clock
and noted that a lot of time had passed since he attempted to force
his way in the lab. He muttered "I hope I just blacked out and
something worse didn't happen."
He walked over to Saddam's terminal and keyed it up. Saddam
"Is that you Evil Phil?" Replied the overgrown hamster as he ignored
that comment.
"No, I'm Saddam. Evil Phil went out to play around with that *woman*
of Phil's, Tara." Saddam's display font flashed a nasty red.
"Oh yeah... Right, I remember that now. Where is he now?" replied the
Hamster while running a diagnositic check to verify Saddam identity,
he was satisfied that this was Saddam.
"He split after your Amourzilla trashed Tara joint, but where he went
to I don't know."
"Aw Crud, something worse did happen, He's gone on the lam." said the
hamster as he scrambled out of the science lab, pausing to grab up
his vest and put it on while pulling out his vidman and running. He
breathlessly said "Sam?"
The pretty blonde singers face appeared on the screen and replied
sweetly "Yes Honey?"
"Would you inform Tiny for me, that I need him to send a Security
detail to Tara quarters. We have a..."
"Who's Tiny?" Interuppted Sam.
"He's Mr. Jackson."
"Oh, alright. Um, But Do I have to talk to Holly though? I'd rather
not." said Sam in a pouty voice.
"Do whatever you have to get that message through, it's really
important. Because there's going to be a rather miffed Amourzilla
rooting around in Ms. Tara's room looking for an Evil Phil. Which it
ain't going to find, if I don't miss my guess. I also want a APB put
out for all security staff to be on the look out for that rogue AI,
Evil Phil. If they do sight him, *they are not try to apprehend
him*. He is too dangerous for any such encounters! Instead, I want
them to keep an eye on him and report back to either myself, or CSO
Phil his whereabouts. And Get back to me when your done Sam, I've got
a few other things we'll need to do."
A few seconds passed.
Sam sounded distressed, "Oh.. Alright. I've talked with Holly, that
lech said he's going to deliver the message."
"Now what else are we going to do?" Asked Sam with some anticipation
on her pretty face.
"Well, first, I need to to send a another code to the amourzilla, to
deactivate it, and second, I need you to patch into our little ships
mainframe and order it to batten down the hatches and to shutdown all
external comm systems. I want it to be only accessible via the
physical keypad codes and..."
The hamster went on giving instructions for several minutes, he
stepped Sam through the various boring details of setting up his
little ships security systems and verifying each one while he entered
his new office and pulled out a large hard shell case and began
assembling something.
When Sam was finished verifying everything was secure about White
Wolf's little ship, she quietly watched him complete the assembly of
what looked like a weird gun. As he brought it up to his shoulder to
sight it, Sam finally asked "What is that, honey?"
"It's a tight beam Electronic Counter Measures weapon, or 'ECM
Cannon' for short. This will basically disrupt anything with
electronics that it fires upon with concentrated burst of
interference. Or more to the point, I'll use it to disable a
particularly nasty light bee that I plan on doing away with
"OH!" Sams lips held a gentle 'O' as she looked somewhat surprised.
"Time to get down to business." Said the huge hamster as he left his
***Meeting room***
Approximately, Captain Niples announcement!
The overgrown hamster arrived at the meeting, and quickly walked over
to Major Harris. He handed Harris the gun while ignoring his
questioning looks about his singed fur, and said "I don't want to
talk about it or hear any arguements right now! This is not the time
for it. What I need you to do, right now, is get copies of this ECM-
Cannon made up for each member your select team of Evil Phil hunters.
Including yourself, arm them each with one, and then return this
original back to me."
Then Capt Niples arrived and began discussing why he called this
"White Wolf, you will be taking my job as Captain for the meantime."
Said Niples.
White Wolf replied, "Thank you, Sir. I'll do my very best."
The department heads had been rounded up and were all sitting around
the long table. Kayn looked uncomfortable and was shifting in his
seat. The old miner Stromile Keegan had dozed off and Dr. Keto was
wiping leftover ointment on his trousers.
There had been a disput over who was actually in charge of security,
Jackson was temporary head so he'd turned up- but Niples had
requested that Frank Harris attend too, so Harris stood in the corner
of the room and loomed in the expertly way that he did.
"So what are you going to do again?" asked engineer Lt. Cmdr Smegg.
Niples sat with his fingers interlaced, "It's a training program for
captains. I can assume we'll be acting out computer simulations and
doing fitness programs, that's all I can guess. I'll be able to meet
fellow captains and share ideas as well."
"So while you're off on holiday enjoying yourself, who's the lucky
punter who gets to be the wiseass first officer?" asked Harris,
wondering what any of this had to do with him.
"You." Said Niples. The off-duty security chief groaned and put his
hand over his eyes. "I should have kept my mouth shut!" he moaned.
"I know you don't like command, but your the best person I can trust
to keep the crew in order while I'm gone. Especially since
you 'retired' from your former job there has been a crime increase. I
hope you can sort it out while I'm gone."
Frank Harris managed a mock salute. Trying to hide his sarcasm, but
Time - Sometime after the crew sees Captain Niples off on his mission.
From his office, White Wolf puts in a call to his 'acting First
Officer' Major Harris. "I'm sorry to interupt you Mister Harris, but
I would like a report on how your coming along with the weapons and
our Evil Phil hunt in my office in one hour."
White Wolf then put in a call to CSO Phil FeBuggure, and said "Phil,
I would like you to join me in my office in a hour, to meet with Mr.
Harris. I need you to report your findings so far, as I'll be
outlining a plan to you both on how we can deal with Evil Phil."
<Ok, over to you two, Harris & Phil.>
OOC - I'm giving everyone a week to wrap up their subplots (Disabling
Evil Phil and such), to which I'll make an effort to participate as
much as I can with these connection hassles. (Curse AT&T to the 666th
region of the abyss...)
But after that, I want to continue on with Onions (Niples) original
action post and move into our next major plot line where, I believe,
we'll have a lot of fun and opportunities for everyone to join in.
- WW/Tim.

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