Re: Harris \'When scutters fly\' - I\'ll whinge and blame instead!

--- In JMC_Blue_Dwarf@y..., Dave Innes <tardisdave@y...> wrote:
> (OOC - Is it me or are the storylines becoming all
> > mixed up and what has happed to the main storyline
> > Onion has set?)
> Well don't blame us!! I heard that WW was supposed to
> continue with the main plot!!
Yep, that's correct, I will continuing with the plot. Probably,
this weekend if everything works out. (See my previous post for
> However we can't point the finger at him coz he's just
> been able to get on his feet because AT&T or something
> were complete and utter bastards (Is that right or
> have I got the wrong person?)
Again, that's right. And yes, I fully argee that AT&T is a bunch of
*bloody bastards* for that stunt they pulled!
> And what did happen to that Phil/Evil Phil sub plot
> line?
> I can see that plot line confusions are feesable.
> We have:
> * The Phantom of the Opera
> * My Short stories (That shouldn't really be bothering
> anyone, as no-one has to continue them)
> * Evil Phil
> * Joe Schweeble at the medi-bay after McDonalds
> explosion
> * The wildflower thingy (When was that introduced? I
> must actually *read* those message that haven't got
> the word "Stewie" in them ...)
> * Allie vs. Phil
> * (Allie?) vs. Zodar [in AR]
As I said before about these subplots, let's try to wrap'em up this
week. I plan on moving on then. I don't want anyone to miss out on a
opportunity to join in the main plotline by inadvertantly writing
themselves into a drawn out subplot that disallows them to take part.
> Well I decided to save your internet time Mr. Harris,
> and instead let me do the whinging.
Do you want some cheese to go with that whine, Stewie?
Heh, heh... couldn't resist. :)
- White Wolf

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