Re: BLUE DWARF TIMES!!!! (Finally, yes)

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> Dear Group,
> Yes, I know what you're thinking. Why on earth has it taken
> Shakespeare so bloody long to write a simple monthly magazine. He's
> had a month as it is. Well, I have no excuse. For which I
> apologise. However, along with the new BDT, there is a simple
> navigation system with which you can choose any month's issue you
> wish.
> I hope you like the new BDT and the new nav layout. Feedback is
> very welcomed :D As are more contributions.
<A Hamsterish applause> Great work, Shakespeare! The navigation
on the side bar works well. And I think that fade out effect of the
highlighting when you hover the mouse over the different selections
is a nice touch. Keep it up!
> Thank you very much for those contributions:
> Stewie, Whitewolf and Zack.
> Doc Shakesey.
Your welcome, Shakes! I look forward to plenty more of jointly
penning BDT articles with the great playwright... :)
- White Wolf

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