Forbidden Backstage(rs)

Fobidden Backstage(rs)

After meeting Sirus, Stewie strode back to the Jon
Pertwee Memorial Hall, where the musical was going

to be set on the Saturday. Harry Smith-Weston, the

Stage Manager, along with Hazel Coffey who was busying

herself with some costumes, along with Christine,

who was still feeling ill. Carol Jago Michelle Dubois

were doing executive-looking programmes. Some of the

officers from the Science sector where discussing
lighting. Phil FeBuggure strolled in, as he was

supervising some of the officers. One, Stewie didn't
know, switched on a studio light. Unfortunately, it
was powered by the same sources that were used in
ancient mobile phones, thus causing Phil to emit
strange blippy noises and partially turn green. He
suddenley remembered he had to ask Jackson or Harris or
whoever is in charge of the Security Section, if he
could borrow to Security men to guard the hall during
the musical. Having greeted them all he was on his way
back to the Chris Barrie Memorial Hall and heard
Shakespeare's voice on the stage which made him wonder.

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