Have I seen you before?

"Why hello good sir, I
> am Sirus, I hope i am not taking any of your
> precious time, but could you
> inform me where I could a Mr. Steve Makenzie?"
> The scruffy looking worker yelled out "Steve,
> something ere' wants to see
> ya".
> just then, a man wearing a very cheesy, yet charming
> in its own special way
> suit walked into the store..........
"You must mean me. My name is Stewie McKenzie and ..."
The middle aged man stared into the androids eyes,
thinking ... have I seen you before?
"My name is Sirus .."
Sirus, Stewie thought, of course! That was that robot
was masquandered at the old earth shop! Yes! He
pretended to be some Robot Cop named Krozla ... yes ..
"Come into my office .."
Stewie rarely had time to be in his precious shop
since Phantom of the Opera. But on this occassion he
decided to take a little time off.
"Mr. Sirus, or should I say .. Krozla?"
The android laughed.
"Oh, oh my! After all these years ..."
"What do you do now?"
"I'm a Maintenance droid. Trust me I have changed .."
"Famous last words .."
"One of your favourite phrases!"
"Indeed! Well, I suppose I shouldn't be mean. After
all you did save my life back then ..."
"Yeah! Who else would of held a 14 tonne roof for
"S'pose ... so why are you here?"
"Needed to know someone I know .. if that makes sense.
Also I could do with some oil."
"Oil? Then you want Kwik-Fix Android Oil. Best
Quality. I'll get Harry Smith-Weston to show you -
HARRY! He'll show you. Sorry! Can't stay, got to
continue with the Phantom of the Opera rehearsals.
I'll see you later old friend!"
Harry came in.
"Harry, this is Sirus a new Blue Dwarf crew member.
Show him the oil/maintenance department."
[Non RPG: Sirus, continue. Good first post old chum.
Harry Smith-Weston is an NPC (Non Playing Character)
so you can use him for your own ends ...]
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