Phantom of the 'Other' Opera

<Air vent 53327-B>
"Christine! Christine, Y'all need to git on down thar to the
Opry house and try out fer that part! You'd be a shoe-in!"
Zack frowned at the script, then looked back up at Cubie. "Are
you sure this is the right script? I mean, I thought this was a
French play."
Cubie glared at him, her hands on her hips and a banjo propped
against her leg. She was decked out in cut-off shorts and a flannel
plaid long-sleeve shirt, tied off at the midriff. "For the last
time, it's the right play, Zack! Just let me know if I'm getting my
lines down."
Zack nodded slowly. "Well, all right. But I have one question."
Zack examined the cover of the script. "Isn't the play
called 'The Phantom of the Opera'?"
Cubie rolled her eyes. "Of course, Zack."
Zack looked at the cover again, then held it up and pointed to
the title.
'The Phantom of the Grand Olde Opry'
Cubie paled. "Oh, smeg!"
Zack flipped through the script. He got halfway through and his
eyes got bigger. "Were you aware of the pornographic scene in Act
Zack fought to suppress a smile. "I've never heard of THAT
being done to a banjo. Yikes!"
He looked at his fuming wife. "Where'd you get this thing,
"EBay." Cubie deflated as she flopped to the deck. "Zack, I'm
ruined! I'll never get the right lines down in time!"
Zack flipped through the rest of the script. "Well, maybe you
can wing it. I mean, this IS roughly based on the original play. At
least I THINK so. Just ad lib it."
Cubie looked up at him, a tear rolling down her cheek. "You
really think so?"
Zack shrugged. "Sure. But I'd skip Scene I in Act II if I were
you. Your fan mail might take on a rather perverse nature."
Cubie snatched the script from him and scanned it. Her face
flushed scarlet. "Oh, smeg!"
Zack smiled. "Oh, smeg indeed!"
~Zack & Cubie - Opry porn stars~

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