If she could have vomited, Allie would have lost 10
pounds by now. She was that ill.
Holo-sweat dripped off Allie's body. She had used
her control belt to change her clothes to a tank top
and shorts, but she was still hot.
"Dammit, this sucks!" she exclaimed, laying
helplessly on her bed.
She couldn't move. She couldn't do anything but
sweat and complain.
"I have to get oughtta here!"
"I can help," came a voice.
Allie rolled her eyes. "Great, now I'm
"No, you're not," the voice continued. "I'm just as
real as you."
Allie chuckled evilly. "I doubt it. I'm a hologram,
you nitwit!"
"Really? So am I," the voice chirped.
Allie, using all her strength, lifted herself up.
She limped over to the door, pearing out at the voice.
Her blurry vision saw what looked like...
"Phil?" she gasped.
"Close," the hologram replied. "I'm Evil Phil."
Allie squinted. "Don't you feel so frelling
special?" She licked her lips. "Evil Phil, huh? Well,
I'm Allie Fletcher. I'm evil, too. That's why I'm in
here. I've got a vendetta against regular Phil. Which
reminds me: you wanna let me out of here so I can go
get him and that girlfriend of his?"
Evil Phil cocked his head. "Okay."
Allie heard the cell door open. She limped out, sure
she was dreaming.
She turned to Evil Phil. "Thanks. So, uh, what are
you up to?"
"On the run from Johnny Law," he admitted, looking
her up and down.
Allie nodded. "Terrific. On the run from the
security team, I'm guessing, and you wound up in the
EP shrugged. "I'm looking to see where I can make
the most trouble."
"Now that you've let me out, I have the same idea."
EP turned. "Well, I've gotta run. Later, Ms. Allie.
And for your sake, I hope you get to Tara before I do.
I can't promise there will be much of her left if I
get there first." He walked away.
Allie watched him for a minute, then began her way
out of the brig.
The time-release mechanism continued its countdown
to the death of the Blue Dwarf crew. But, because of
the increasing damage, the countdown was speeding up,
and the worse the damage got, the faster it went.
The crew now had 3 days, 17 hours and 56 minutes to
<hope no one minds I boroowed EP for a minute, but I
wasn't coming up with any good escape plans>
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