Cmdr Niples "Mopping"

After the staff meeting Commander Niples caught up with Doctor Van Threk.
"Hi, we havn't properly been introduced" said Seymore holding out his hand
Sydney shook it. A moment of awkward silence followed.
"Soooooooooo," said the commander "is everything ok, is there.... anything you need? anything you want me to do for you?"
The Doctor's face lit up "Now that you come to mention it...." she said.
Five minutes later the commander was scrubbing the floor of the medlab, he could hardly say no could he? After all, he had asked her is there was anything he could do. It just so happened that the assistant doctors and nurses had all got jet-lag and were unable to do any work.
Why did I get myself into this? Seymore asked himself as he plunged his rag into the bucket of warm water and slopped it onto the floor once again.
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