Funeral wrapped completely (non HTML)

White Wolf nodded his head, and replied quietly,
"That's all right, Mr. Sirus, I think the funeral
services are complete anyways. Let's call it a night,
everyone. Let's get some rest, and see how this
place looks bright and early tommorrow morning."
Stewie McKenzie, Sirus, others,
Comms. Section, Drive Room, Flr. 01
Same time as before (can't remember)
Stewie was aware of the time.
"Thank you Captain. Your eulogy was ... what is the
word ... thoughtful. The Ensigns will be remembered
fondly and so will Christine."
The Video Communication link faded, as well as audio.
"Mr. McKenzie. The Captain will only be able to hear
us at a very low range of decibells."
"Meaning he can only hear us very quietly?"
"Right, thank you Sirus."
Stewie then stood in the centre of the room.
"My dear people. A lot of things have occurred over
the year since Blue Dwarf's launching. Many deaths
have come about. We will remember Ms. Belladonna and
Mr. Harbinger as one of the many half crazed Security
personnel who protect us from the evil outside and
inside the ship. Christine was a person who was not
known to many people, however I want everyone to know
that she was one of the most caring women ever on
earth. I loved her, and people who *did* know her,
should understand. I thank you all for coming and a
wake will be conducted in Parrots Bar."
Then there was a cry. It wasn't a normal, human cry,
but something else.
"I think it's from the panel sir," said Sirus
And it was. It was Hamster tears.
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