*** Action Post *** - The Temple (Main Plot part 2)

where:On the JMC unnamed planet number 249, Outside of the stone
When: about 5 Am in the morning
Who: Both away teams
Commander Smegg and crewman Zodar walk over the White Wolf's tent and
Zodar tentatively calls inside "Mr. White Wolf... Sir?"
The huge hamster answers from inside his tent, "Yes, what is it?"
Zodar replies "Commander Smegg and I were able to get Chen's personal
log to show it's last log, before it gave out."
The overgrown hamster unzips his tent fly and sticks his head
out, "And what did you find out?"
Commander Smegg spoke, "Well, Chen appears to have encountered some
tribespeople who apparently thought he was somesort of god..."
Zodar interuppted Smegg, "actually... he said thier group leader
called him their 'great one'"
Commander Smegg continued while giving a Zodar a look of 'don't
interrupt me please', "and they said Chen had been sent to them to
help them with some sort of a problem back at their temple, and Chen
apparently agreed. And in the last part of his log entry he explained
that since he didn't have a pen to write a note for any rescuers on
to where to find him, he decided to leave his log behind tied to a
tree with a shoelace for them to find."
"Good work men! We'll have to assume this stone structure is the
temple those tribespeople were refering to."
The huge hamster turned, and yelled "Major Harris, We're to break
camp and investigate this 'temple' within the hour."
A low grunt came from Major Harris's tent followed by some mumbling
about being in a overgrown girl scout camp, which the gargantuan
hamster heard, and quickly walked over next to Harris's tent and
bellowed louder "Get moving on it, *regardless* of what you think,
Approximately 7 am, the away teams slowly finish the climb up the
steep stairs and pauses to gather in the room at the top of the
stairs. Several members lean against the walls and doors, huffing and
puffing from the effort. While others look like they hardly broke a
The huge hamster turns to address the team, "Ok, looks like everyone
has gotten up here safely without too many falls. Major Harris, when
we go further in to this temple, I want to bring up our rear, and if
you could avoid killing anyone unneccessarily, I'd appreciate it.
Everyone else..."
And the hamster words were suddenly interupted as Jarvis was
carefully stepping on a funny looking stone in the floor to test if
it could support his wieght, and the door which Shakespeare was
leaning against, suddenly opens causing Shakespeare to
exclaim "Gadzooks!" and fall through down a newly revealed set of
stairs and coming to stop on a landing below.
The huge hamster slowly finishes "... be *careful*, as there maybe be
booby traps anywhere in here. Thank you for that timely
demonstration, science officer Jarvis. Mr. Shakespeare, are you
alright down there?"
Shakespeare got up and dusted himself off while yelling back from
where he was on the landing below, "Me thinks thy pride & dignity are
the only wounds thy has recieved."
"Alright you wait there, we'll be down in few moments."
And the away party slowly decended down the stairs, rejoining him.
Joe spoke while pointing further down the stairs, "Captain, I see
torchlight down there!"
"You have some pretty good eyes, Even I can barely see that with my
nocturnal eyesight. Let's go check it out."
Moments later everyone was in a large torch lit ampitheather, with
several doors off to the sides, and on the opposite side of the
theather was a raised dias with some kind of altar. And upon the
alter, sat what looked like an empty common canning jar.
From out of one of the doors nearest to this altar stepped the
tribesleader Barry Hastard, and spoke addressing the away team at
large "You have come to worship at the alter of the almighty sacred
White Wolf stepped forward, and asked "No, we have come in search for
another of our people who we thought might be here, his name is Chen."
Barry Hastard replied, "Ahh, our invincable great one! We followed
the trail of his flaming chariot into the jungle, and found him. And
we asked that he help us with our sacred task, that the others
requested of us. He graciously agreed to help us and came with us
here to this temple."
"The Others? You mean there are people other than your tribespeople
and Chen here?"
"Yes, the others often come whenever we make another attempt at our
sacred task."
"Ahh. So you asked Chen, Umm... your great one, to help you with your
sacred task, was he able to help you with your sacred task?"
"Yes, and we were most thankful to the great one."
"So, Chen, I mean... the great one, is he still here?"
"No, the great one left with the others after performing the sacred
"I see. Excuse me will I speak with my people."
The huge hamster turned to away team to confer, and said to the away
team members, "Well, it looks like Chen has left with these 'others'.
Which I can only guess are some people coming here upon the
activation of some kind of communications beacon or something like
that. Does anyone else have any other hypothesis's or proposals on
how to proceed from here?"
OOC - Sorry about the delay, I had a unexpected guest stop by last
night, and wasn't able to get back on my pc until this morning.
I hope everyone enjoys it! And please feel free to take it away
from here...
- Tim/WW.

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