Re: *** Action Post *** - The Temple (Main Plot part 2)

> The huge hamster turned to away team to confer, and said to the
> team members, "Well, it looks like Chen has left with
these 'others'.
> Which I can only guess are some people coming here upon the
> activation of some kind of communications beacon or something like
> that. Does anyone else have any other hypothesis's or proposals on
> how to proceed from here?"
"I do," DJ piped up.
White Wolf looked at her as if to say "Please, tell us."
The female cocked her gun. "I think we should proceed with extreme
caution. And that only the secuirty team members should go on from
here until we actually find this Chen dude."
"Why?" the acting-captain asked.
"Sorry if I'm being rude to a superior officer," she started, "but
have you been paying attention? First, we have those beastie things;
they want to eat us and they keep coming after we shoot them. Now, we
have these guys that think that this Chen is like a God, so I'm
guessing they won't want us to take their God away. And if they have
any similarity to the wild-life, we're going to have another fun-
filled shoot-out on our hands. Best that the ones without the weapons
training stay here in this temple where it's nice and safe."
<Anyone? Anyone?>

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