Remain Here? Not On Your Life...

> "Best that the ones without the weapons training stay here in
> this temple where it's nice and safe."
"Wonderful idea," spoke up Keto from the back of the crowd, "And
exactly what do you think is going to happen to those of us without
weapons training, waiting here when these guys find OUT that we've
sent off our security team to capture their God? How exactly are we
supposed to defend ourselves without (a) any weapons and (b) anyone
who knows how to use a weapon?"
An unrecognisable voice from somewhere in the away teams called out
something about ointmenting any attackers to death, but the voice
died away as Keto glared in its general direction.
"I say we all find out what it was this 'Chen' did for these people
that called the 'Others', and then find out where in hell they've
taken him," said Keto, "Then, we *all* go. I'm certainly not
remaining here without some form of protection I can rely on."
He folded his arms defiantly and waited.
...for a response, I hope. ;)

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