Re: Remain Here? Not On Your Life...

> "I say we all find out what it was this 'Chen' did for these
> that called the 'Others', and then find out where in hell they've
> taken him," said Keto, "Then, we *all* go. I'm certainly not
> remaining here without some form of protection I can rely on."
> He folded his arms defiantly and waited.
DJ licked her lips. "No, Mr Ointment, I wasn't suggesting you wait
here with your thumbs up your asses while we did all the dirty work.
What I was suggesting was you wait here and play with your little
ointments while someone watches you guys like good little children,"
she explained slowly. "I'm sure we could set up a playpen in here,
and nothing would be able to get in or out, especially when we put up
a big sign saying 'Stay away bad people, signed The Security team and
the occupants' mommies'."
Keto glared at her, turning red with rage.

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