Back on track

Back on Track
Stewie McKenzie, Sirus
Comms. Section, Drive Room
After the funeral, late night.
It was getting late. Sirus gave Stewie his 11th cup of coffee that night.
Sirus was still awake. His reprogrammed his log-off disk to activate
2 hours later, and set his auxillary power to function during his last hours
of awakeness.
"Master Stuart. Are you okay?"
"Yes, the human body has a major weakness - fatigue. It is proven most
convenient that most 7876930 androids as well as my own, happen to have
a fatigue eliminator which ..."
"Shut up Sirus! It's too late at .... night."
Then the entire Drive Room encased itself in darkness. Stewie went fast asleep until ...

"It's back online sir!"
"SHUT THIS F*****G THING OFF!!!!!!!!!!"
"Yes, but I do believe this,"
"Sirus, I'm warning you!"
"machine cannot multiply by sexual,"
"One more word ..."
"intercourse, thus unable to be F.."
Stewie, for one of the first times in history, beat someone up. What
would Christine say?!
"Sorry Sirus."
"No worry sir. I'll just have to reshape my head, that's all ..."
With that, Sirus silenced the noise by activating his arm to constantly
hit the console. Stewie activated the microphone.
"Hello ~THUD!~ Hamster ~THUD!~ 1 ~THUD!~ this ~THUD!~ is ~THUD!~ Base ~THUD!~~THUD!~
Can ~THUD!~ you ~THUD!~ receive ~THUD!~ me ~THUD!~ over?~THUD!~~THUD!~"
"Receiving base. Audio back on track?"
"It ~THUD!~ certainly ~THUD!~ is.~THUD!~~THUD!~ It's getting ~THUD!~late~THUD!~ sir, permission~THUD!~ to~THUD!~ sleep?~THUD!~~THUD!~"
"Permission granted. You really do sound like s**t Stewie."
"Yes ~THUD!~ ... sir ~THUD!~ ... I'm ~THUD!~ feeling ~THUD!~ like ~THUD!~ sh"
Suddenly the whole Drive Room was encased in darkness again - and Stewie was
awake. Sirus had hit a major power circuit making the whole ship deactivate.
Sirus' guilt chip went into overdrive. He was lost for words. All he could say was,"
"Whoops!"What will happen next?Will Sirus refix the ship?
Will Stewie throttle the bastard?
Without communication, will the away teams survive?
Find out on Blue Dwarf
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