Any suggestions for a good title

"I say we all find out what it was this 'Chen' did for these people that called the 'Others', and then find out where in hell they've taken him," said Keto, "Then, we *all* go.  I'm certainly not remaining here without some form of protection I can rely on." He folded his arms defiantly and waited.<<end snipet>>"And besides" Alota started "Some of us are good with weapons even if we haven't had weapons training. We know which end of the weapon *not* to point into our hip and most of us know how to pull the trigger. Also leaving half the crew behind with just a sign saying 'Stay away bad people signed the security team' is not going to help us one bit" Alota stopped for a tick she could have sworn Dj was giving her evils.
"I suggest we all split up into two equal groups again, everyone here is bound to have someone who has the same even skills of another, we go and find this 'Chen' bloke, it would be easier if we split up like this, we can cover more ground. And beside's this 'Chen' bloke who was found by this tribe has probably been eaten, I mean they all look like cannibles"

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