Ouch, Nice Argument...

> DJ licked her lips. "I'm sure we could set up a playpen in here,
> and nothing would be able to get in or out, especially when we put
> up a big sign saying 'Stay away bad people, signed The Security
> team and the occupants' mommies'."
> Keto glared at her, turning red with rage.
> "And besides" Alota started "Leaving half the crew behind with just
> a sign saying 'Stay away bad people signed the security team' is
> not going to help us one bit!"
Keto merely stood still for a few moments, glaring coldy at DJ.
Inside, his mind was frantically trying to think up some smart and
incredibly cutting reply, and not just, "Well nah!"
Unfortunately as he opened his mouth, Alota spoke and quite
surprisingly (in Keto's opinion) took the words right out of his
Keto was left standing there, mouth half-open, ready to reply to
DJ's insult, realising that the moment had quite definitely passed.
"That's *Dr* Ointment, anyways," he muttered quietly to himself as
some small form of consolation.
OOC: Damn, I really was trying to think up a cutting reply, but
couldn't without being insulting to the whole security team (which
isn't a good idea with Harris nearby ;) ). Anyway, I guess I'll
have to agree with Alota. :)

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