Whoopsy Daisy

Whoopsy Daisy!
Stewie McKenzie, Sirus
Comms. Section, Drive Room
3.00 AM, a day later (lets just say 27/5/01)
"You idiot Sirus! You better damn well fix it!"
"Sir! Oxygen is decreasing! The Beer tanks have no air!"
"Oh dear God! The alcohol won't breathe!"
"It's even worse sir! Phil FeBuggure should be feeling a tad
fuzzy! Nothing works! NOTHING!"
"How long until the ship runs of air?"
"About 5 hours."
"How long until the ship is repaired?"
"About 5 hours."
Sirus crackled away, trying to fix the ship with speed. The
computations were weird and complex. Damn JMC! Still Sirus
plodded away, while Stewie was in the fetal position on the
floor. It was far too scary - he was going to die, everyone
was going to die! Except for the holograms, scutters and ...
Sirus ... yes, maybe he did this on purpose! Without power,
soft light holograms can't work, scutters power of static
electricity drawn from the floor ... everyone would be dead except
him and the away teams. Stewie had to act quickly. Sirus is trying
to kill everyone on the ship! Stewie grabbed a hammer and walked
behind Sirus evilly ...
"Ooh! Almost done! Just have to solder these wires .. Master Stuart?"

"Yes Sirus?"
Sirus turned around, letting Stewie strike him down.
"Good gravy ..."
Sirus fell, pushing Stewie away. Stewie threw the hammer into the
oxygen pump. Soon, the store manager fell unconscious as oxygen
seemed to disappear from the Communications Section ...Tune into Blue Dwarf next time to see what
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