Ending the cliffhanger.....?

The mountain was getting closer by the second. Dirk was still hallucinating
that he was headed into the pit-stop to change a flat tire after winning the
NASCAR Winston Cup 500. "What a minute. Hover cars don't have tires. Must be
something else." He steered the craft away from the mountains so that he could
do his victory lap. Soon the Starbug was racing up out of the planet's
Once into the stratosphere, he noticed the Blue Dwarf orbiting the planet.
"We've got to get the core! It's the only way!" Dirk made a beeline for the
Dwarf. All the while, his mind showed him images of enemy aircraft being blown
to bits by his laser cannons.
On board the Blue Dwarf, Ashley, the blonde, called out to Stewie, "Mr.
McKenzie, there's a Starbug coming straight for us."
Stewie dropped his hammer. "What? White Wolf didn't say anything about coming
back yet?" He walked over to the console. "It is one of the Starbugs that went
down. What is it doing?"
Dirk was swishing the Starbug this way and that and blasting his imaginary
enemies with his imaginary cannons. He did several loop-de-loops around the
Dwarf. "What is he doing? Open one of the cargo bays so he can land."
In one of his loops, Dirk noticed a cargo bay opening. "There it is boys!
Cover me! I'm going in!" The bug flew into the bay. "Releasing proton
torpedo!" Just as everyone thought he was going to land, Dirk did a 180 and
headed back out into space. "So long, suckers!" He headed back to the planet.
Stewie stood dumbstruck in the Drive Room. "Now, what do you suppose that was
all about?" Ashely shrugged her shoulders.
OOC-as long as this thing's got gas, i'm drivin'
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