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> Harris and WW have gone Commander its your call, do we send someone
> down...or not"
> "Someone needs to go," said Smegg "Who knows what might we might find,
> question who will go?"
Alota looked around. Keto was mumbling something about medibay, Tara,
Wildflower, Coffey, Pink tree and appendix so he was a bit pre occupied to
Seeing that there where no volunteers Alota piped up
"I'll go" Commander Smegg nodded and Alota decended down the stairs. She,
started along the passage way, the air had a disinfectont mixed with polish
and piss smell and when Alota sniffed she sneezed several times. "God it
reeks down here" she shouted up to the others. She continued on walking, her
attention was diverted when she caught a glimpse of paintings on the wall
"Ok, either Leonardo Davinchi has been reincarnated or these mean something"
Alota said to her self then smacked herself "Well duh". The pictures
dipictied a scene of a thing landing from the great sky infront of a tribe's
leader, then the pictures depicted a god like thing emerging from the pod
type thing. "Alota, anything interesting down there?" Jay asked "Uh I think
I may have found where this chen bloke is". She carried on readin untill she
got to a picture that looked exactly like the place where she was standing,
"Ah booby traps" she said casually, then reality struck "Shit Booby traps!"
Alota shoted as she fell down a tunnel that had just opened up below her.
Jay peered down the passage way "Alota? Alota? Where are you? Erh I think we
have a problam".
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