Re: [JMC_Blue_Dwarf] getting Allie fixed

> "Look just activate Allie so we can make sure she's
> allright."
> With that, Allie's light bee floated off the desk
> and she re-activated
Allie's form appeared, first in black and white,
then her normal colors. She sighed and stretched, her
arms raised above her head. She looked around, then at
"Did it work?" she asked.
Phil shrugged. "I dunno. How do you feel?"
The female hologram ran her hands over her body. She
paused to let any pain she might have run through her,
but all was well.
She smiled. "Yes, it did. I feel-" she moaned with
pleasure "-great."
Phil looked her up and down, checking her over. "You
certainly look better."
Allie ran her hands through her hair. "Thanks, Phil.
Thanks a lot." She stopped, afraid she might start to
get mushy. "Now, I better be getting back to my cell."
<You go on Phil. I'm tired>
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