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>The huge hamster began to speak just as a two figures dressed in
>white spandex shimmered into existence next to Jay. <insert fakey
>sounding 1950 sci fi teleportion sound effect here>
>And one of white spandexed figures said, "You have interfered with
>our experiment, you shall be imprisoned as punishment for your
>interference.", the other white spandexed figure dropped a hand on
>Jay's shoulder and all three turned into a swirl of white light and
>quickly ascended upward out of the chamber.
>Just then, a rather annoyed looking tribeperson dropped the nearly
>inert form of Major Harris, who was sporting a rather pointy pink
>mohawk on the floor next to another door, and he began to
>jibber, "The kids... they took my gun away... and piled onto me! The
>little buggers mugged me!" before falling into a inert catatonic
>state again in total disbelief. The away team members were stunned
>for a few brief moments as they absorbed that along with Jay's sudden
Dirk looked at one of the guys in spadex. "Do you guys do parties?" Everyone
looked at him. The spandex guys seemed offended.
"Shh!" White Wolf ordered.
"But that was cool!" Dirk replied. "That was some neat shit. The next time
someone has a birthday, these guys can drop in, do a few little tricks, pull a
stripper out of a hat or somethin', and everyone has a good time. How much do
you charge?"
The spandex guys were extremely agitated by Dirk's remarks. "Who is this
impertinent creature?" one asked.
"He's Scientist Bell..." White Wolf began to explain before being cut off.
"Scientist? He doesn't act like a scientist."
"I'm sure there's a reasonable explaination."
"Me thinks he hath been seriously wounded by many slings and arrows, so to
speak," Shakespear said pointing to the gash across Dirk's head and the ripped
pants leg.
White Wolf pointed to Keto and Shakespear, "See what you can do for him."
OOC- let's see if we can get Dirk back in working order
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